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Chris WellsVFX

United States
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Chris Wells, VFX professional, is a talented independent artist and an associate of Hydraulx.

Chris Wells, VFX supervisor for Hydraulx, has a wealth of experience in the motion picture business. He has created visual effects for countless movies, commercials, and music videos. Mr. Wells is respected by his colleagues for his extraordinary ability to create realistic environments and action sequences on screen.

Working as an independent consultant

Chris Wells, VFX expert, is not only an employee of Hydraulx, he is also frequently sought after as a consultant. Over the years, Mr. Wells has accumulated a wealth of experience in his field. For this reason, professionals in the visual effects world often flock to him for advice on a variety of subjects.

Mr. Wells is a professional lecturer

In recent years, Mr. Wells has given a great many lectures on university campuses. He considers it a great privilege to have the opportunity to inspire so many young professionals. Mr. Wells credits his mentors for a great deal of his success; therefore, he understands the importance of setting a good example for fledgling artists.

Working on many action-adventure movies

To date, Mr. Wells has served as visual effects supervisor for countless motion pictures. Most of these films are classified in the action-adventure category, as these kinds of movies typically require a large amount of visual effects and computer enhancements.

Enjoying his career

Mr. Wells is lucky enough to have achieved great success in a career field that he enjoys. On a daily basis, he has the opportunity to work very closely with many talented directors and visual effects professionals.

Chris Wells, VFX mastermind, is a talented consultant and independent artist. He recently served as visual effects supervisor for Hydraulx. Mr. Wells has lent his talents to countless theatrical productions and motion pictures. His colleagues often describe his work as technically sound but creatively brilliant. Mr. Wells is also a frequent guest lecturer at the University of Georgia.

Mr. Wells invests in his education

Chris Wells, VFX expert, was very serious about his studies when he was a young man. After he graduated from high school, he began his college career at the University of Georgia. After four years at UGA, Mr. Wells finished a bachelor of arts degree in theater. During his coursework, Mr. Wells worked backstage on many theatrical productions, which would provide him with the experience that he would need to work in the motion picture industry. Mr. Wells cites his training in the theater department of the University of Georgia as one of the most important preparatory experiences of his life.

Receiving an incredible honor from the University of Georgia

Chris Wells, VFX professional, was very proud to have received an Outstanding Alumnus Award from the University of Georgia, his former alma mater. In fact, Mr. Wells is the first graduate from his particular degree program to win this distinction. The University of Georgia committee decided to honor Chris because of a series of lectures that he gave at the UGA campus.

Lecturing students at the University of Georgia

Because he is so successful in his career field, the University of Georgia frequently asks Mr. Wells to give guest lectures to students who are pursuing their education in the creative arts. Chris considers it a great honor to have the opportunity to serve as a mentor for so many young people. He understands from experience how important it is for fledgling artists to receive quality career advice.

Chris Wells, VFX professional, and his University of Georgia mentors

Mr. Wells credits part of his success in the motion picture industry to his mentors from the University of Georgia--Gus Staub and Mike Hussey. In fact, Mr. Wells frequently lectures students from Mr. Hussey’s digital art classes in an effort to repay him for his kindness through the years. Chris has always believed in giving back to the individuals who helped him along his path to success.

Chris’ extraordinary career at Hydraulx

After an already successful career in commercial and television effects Mr. Wells shifted focus to the motion picture industry as a visual effects specialist at Hydraulx. His first job was working as a visual effects artist for the company. After spending a few years behind a computer screen creating effects for a variety of projects, he was promoted to 3-D supervisor. Chris stayed at this job for nearly five years and oversaw countless commercials, music videos, and motion pictures. After working as a 3-D supervisor, Mr. Wells was promoted again. This time, he was appointed as Hydraulx’s visual effects supervisor. Today, whenever Chris works on a project, his is sometimes in charge of teams consisting of as many as 100 individuals.

Working on countless major-length motion pictures

Chris Wells, VFX supervisor has provided his expertise for a large number of major-length motion pictures. Here is a short list of some of the movies for which he has created visual effects (though this inventory is by no means exhaustive:

• Escape Plan
• Looper
• Captain America: The First Avenger
• Green Lantern
• Battle of Los Angeles
• Take Shelter
• Gulliver’s Travels
• Skyline
• Knight and Day
• The A-Team
• The Book of Eli
• Avatar
• 2002
• The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
• Meet Dave
• The Incredible Hulk
• Jumper
• Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem
• The Seeker: The Dark is Rising
• The Invasion
• Case 39
• Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Mr. Wells enjoys spending his free time with his children

Chris Wells, VFX worker extraordinaire, spends most of his time behind a computer screen toiling away on his latest project; however, he remains incredibly devoted to his two children. When he is not working, Mr. Wells enjoys engaging in a variety of outdoor activities with his sons. The Wellses love nothing more than going for a long hike through the arid Joshua Tree National Park or spending the day at the Playa del Rey beach.

Hiking at the Joshua Tree National Park in California

Chris Wells, VFX professional, enjoys hiking with his two young sons, at California’s Joshua Tree National Park. Nowhere else in the Golden State can one find such interesting scenery. The Joshua Tree National Park is renowned for its large, naturally occurring piles of boulders. These wonders provide a virtual paradise for rock climbing enthusiasts.

The advantages of hiking

Although hiking is an incredibly enjoyable pastime, it is also very beneficial for your health. Hiking provides an excellent source of cardiovascular exercise. Many studies have suggested that individuals who regularly engage in cardio are much less likely to die of heart attacks or strokes. In addition, frequently climbing uphill on a tough terrain is a great way to tone the muscles in your lower body.

Hiking relieves stress

Hiking is not only a great source of exercise, it is also very relaxing. There’s no better way to relax at the end of a long day at the office than taking a short hike through a gorgeous mountain pass.

Basking on the beaches of Playa del Rey

Although Mr. Wells and his sons are huge fans of hiking at the Joshua Tree National Park, they also enjoy oceanside activities at California’s Playa del Rey. This beautiful beach is home to pristine waters and gorgeous, white, sunbaked sands. The name Playa del Rey actually translates to mean “King of Beaches” in Spanish, a title which the location truly deserves.

Planning a wrap party for more than 200 of his colleagues

After the completion of the movie Escape Plan, Chris Wells, VFX professional, threw a wrap party for more than 200 of his colleagues. The event was an extraordinary success, and it served as a great bonding experience for the members of his team.

Chris Wells, VFX supervisor, is very excited about the upcoming release of a motion picture that he worked on called Escape Plan. This edge-of-your-seat jail break film stars none other than action-adventure veterans Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Escape Plan promises audiences a heart-stopping adventure.

Escape Plan is one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s best films

In a recent interview with, Chris Wells, VFX expert, assured audiences that Escape Plan is one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s top ten best films of all time. With such an endorsement, any individual is sure to get their money’s worth out of buying a ticket to see the movie.

Mr. Wells attempts to create a seamless movie going experience

In his interview with, Mr. Wells remarked that he attempted to create a seamless moviegoing experience with Escape Plan. He felt that the visual effects that he and his team fashioned should underscore the movie’s production and direction, rather than overpowering them. By achieving the perfect balance between creativity and showmanship, Mr. Wells was able to make all of the action scenes in Escape Plan appear incredibly lifelike.

Mr. Wells thoroughly enjoyed the experience of working on Escape Plan

In his interview with, Mr. Wells raved about how much he enjoyed working on the movie Escape Plan. In fact, he claimed that it was one of the best experiences of his career. He credits his fellow team members and their incredibly professional attitudes for the smoothness of the project. It is Mr. Wells great hope that his future projects will go as well as Escape Plan did.

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    : University of Georgia
    : B.A. in Theater
    : United States
    : Athens, GA
Career History
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    : Demand Solutions Group
    : Principal
    : San Francisco Bay
  • N/A to 12/2099
    : Independent Consultant
    : United States
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