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A real estate professional known for his strong work ethic, Matthew Vettese is most passionate about rehabbing distressed properties.
A true jack-of-all-trades, Matthew Vettese is a difficult man to pin down. You could describe him purely in terms of his professional interests—as a real estate professional, particularly keen on house flipping—but this hardly does justice to his range of interests. He is also passionate about dog training, personal fitness, adventure sports, tennis, boating, and beyond.

So when it comes to defining Vettese’s present-day activities, where does one begin? His real estate business is important to him. Vettese got into the business primarily because of his interest in rehabilitating older properties. He knows that older homes have unique charms and antiquated beauty, and he delights in doing the work needed to make those charms and that beauty really stand out.

In terms of dogs, Vettese has long been an animal lover—but these days, he is more than just a casual pet owner. He is also increasingly interested in animal training, believing it to be a discipline that cultivates characteristics of patience, hard work, and compassion.

Physical fitness is something he is increasingly interested in, too. Matthew Vettese used to spend many an hour playing tennis and golf, but now, with those activities a bit tougher to work into his schedule, he also spends ample time at the gym. He also loves a good home workout, and is interested in workouts that can be done without machinery.

No one of these interests defines who Vettese is; rather, all of them, added up, paint a picture of this most unique and multi-interested fellow.
Matthew Vettese has always been a hard worker. Whether this is an inherited trait or something he developed in childhood, it is hard to say; regardless, he has always been one to give 100 percent of himself to whatever the task at hand. Marked by his drive and his initiative, Vettese started his first “real” job when he was just 11, working at a local fruit market, cleaning vegetables. He has been working hard ever since—both in and out of the office.

After he graduated from high school, Matthew got a job with Morgan Stanley—proof not only of his work ethic, but also his burgeoning interest in finance. In time, however, he decided that finance was not for him, and so he turned to what would ultimately become a lifelong passion: real estate, and more specifically, house flipping. He got his real estate and mortgage broker licenses, and has busied himself flipping houses ever since.

This, of course, is a more delicate and intricate business than many realize. According to Matthew Vettese, house flipping is not simply a matter of splashing a new coat of paint on an older property, or even of making some minor repairs and alterations. It is really more a matter of financial management than it is construction or interior design work, as the truly great house flippers are those who can maximize their profit margins via strategic budgeting. This is the challenge that keeps Vettese returning to the house flipping scene.

Yet, for as driven as he is to succeed in this realm, Vettese has many other hobbies and passions, as well. He is committed to dogs, for one thing; a long-time animal lover, he has taken his casual interest in canine life into something even more devoted, working on a freelance basis as a dog trainer. He loves training dogs because he believes it is an ideal scenario in which one can practice the habits of compassion and patience, and he works with the owners of all types of dogs, showing them how to nurture their pets properly.

Matthew Vettese is also deeply into physical fitness. A long-time athlete, he used to play tennis at every chance he got. These days, chances to exercise are a bit scarcer, yet there remain some key ways in which Vettese endeavors to stay active. In particular, he is heavily interested in home workouts. After many years of hitting the YMCA and working out with the help of complex machinery, he now likes learning about easy ways to get active from one’s home, without the need for expensive equipment.

Still another area in which he is interested is coin collection. He began pursuing this hobby as a young boy, and still loves learning about different coins from different cultures and eras. On a related note, he is a long-time baseball card enthusiast, as well.

Boating is another pastime that Matthew holds dear. He loves taking his boat out, whether it is to go fishing or simply to enjoy some leisurely time on the open sea.

Anything that involves physical activity is sure to be something Matthew Vettese is interested in. In addition to tennis and home workouts, he also loves a good game of golf—though finding time for it is something of a challenge! He is keen for more adventurous types of physical activity, as well, ranging from scuba exploration to skydiving!

You can call him a jack-of-all-trades, then, or you can simply call him very busy. What is clear is that Matthew Vettese is a man whose passions are far-reaching, and whose interests cannot be confined to one or even a couple of different fields. For as multi-interested as he is, however, he also remains committed to excellence in all that he does—in particular, in his real estate “day job.”
Nobody can predict the future, and Matthew Vettese is no exception. What he can say is that he very much enjoys where life has placed him, the interests he has been allowed to cultivate and the professional achievements he has amassed. He hopes very much to keep doing what he is doing, growing and learning new skills while remaining rooted in the disciplines he loves.

In terms of his real estate business, Vettese hopes to see further growth. As the real estate markets even out after a long period of economic upheaval, many banks and major lenders are seeking to unload their backlog of distressed and foreclosed homes. This is a wonderful position for a rehabber like Mattiew to find himself in!

Likewise, he hopes for the chance to continue devoting himself to his numerous passions. Even outside of the office, Vettese is a man who is disciplined and driven to succeed. This much is most evident from his ongoing zeal for collection; he treasures both rare coins and baseball cards—hobbies carried over from childhood—and hopes to continue building his collections in the coming years.

Matthew also hopes to spend more time on the ocean. He is a long-time boating enthusiast, and the older he gets the more joy he finds in caring for his boat. He loves the very act of operating a boat, but also has been known to use his boat for purposes of fishing and even diving.

Matthew Vettese also hopes that the future affords him more time to play tennis—an old favorite pastime, sadly too time-consuming for this busy man to regularly enjoy!

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