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Kris Crawford

United States
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Kris Crawford a South Carolina resident, is a respected medical professional and a devoted public servant.

Kris Crawford is an extremely successful emergency room physician at the McLeod Medical Center and a member of the South Carolina House of Representatives. He is a devoted family man and a promoter of conservative values and ideals. Kris is also a volunteer Deputy Sheriff for Florence County and is proud to serve on the board of several special committees for his state.

Integrating medicine and politics

As a knowledgeable member of the medical profession and a devoted public servant, Kris Crawford is able to provide his fellow policymakers with a firsthand insight into many healthcare concerns. Many other members of the House of Representatives understand the social or political concerns of the new Affordable Care Act; however, they do not have the medical expertise to determine whether or not the details of the plan will allow it to work. For this reason, Mr. Crawford provides an invaluable service to the citizens of South Carolina.

The concerns of an emergency room physician

As a doctor who practices regularly in an urgent care facility, Kris Crawford understands the many problems facing emergency room staff today. ERs are typically over-crowded due to the large numbers of uninsured Americans who flock to them. Because it costs so much more to receive treatment at an urgent care center than to make an appointment with a family doctor, these individuals are quickly bankrupting our already broken healthcare system. In light of this growing concern, policymakers must find a quick solution in the near future.

Kris Crawford grew up in a small farming town in South Carolina. Because he spent so much of his early childhood living around the same individuals, Kris developed a strong appreciation for his community. The civic-mindedness that he learned as a young man would play an important role in his later success.

Kris’s upbringing

Kris Crawford, South Carolina resident, was born to a father who worked for General Motors and to a mother who was a school teacher. His parents instilled in him a strong work ethic from an early age. In the eyes of his parents, a job half-done is a job not done at all. It was this same attitude that led to his successful career in medicine and in public service.

Mr. Crawford’s early appreciation of conservative values

As a young boy growing up in a small town, Kris learned to appreciate conservative values. He saw early-on that the same principles that were championed by America’s founding fathers over 200 years ago are still very relevant today. He began to realize that the best form of government is one in which federal agencies provide protection for all citizens while respecting the individual rights of the states as much as possible.

Medical training

After Kris Crawford graduated from high school, he earned a Bachelor’s degree in science from The Citadel. This well-respected institution also equipped him with the rigorous discipline that he would need to accomplish great things later in life. After graduating from The Citadel, Kris attended the Medical University of South Carolina. Upon completing his studies at USC, he fulfilled his internship and residency requirements at the McLeod Regional Medical Center, which is located in Dillon, SC. Mr. Crawford still practices there as an emergency room physician.

Emergency room physician

Kris Crawford practices as an emergency room physician at the McLeod Regional Medical Center and the Lake City Community Hospital. He treats many patients who are suffering from a variety of illnesses and injuries on a daily basis. As an urgent care doctor, he must react quickly to every patient that he sees. Kris’ job is incredibly stressful and he is required to work very long shifts; but, he finds reassurance in knowing how much good does every day. He takes great pride his ability to use his medical expertise and his level-headedness to save many lives.

House of Representatives

Mr. Crawford is also a member of the South Carolina House of Representatives. As a Republican, he is convinced that the federal government has become over-inflated and meddlesome in last 50 years or so. It constantly infringes upon the rights of the states. He believes that the same conservative principles that were held by the founding fathers can help to turn this country around. Kris is also very pleased to have the opportunity to advise the House on a variety of issues relating to healthcare. As an emergency room physician and a highly respected member of the medical community, he has remarkable insight into this area.

Common-sense approach to political endeavors

Mr. Crawford’s Republican colleagues in the South Carolina House of Representatives have always praised his common-sense approach to public policy. Kris has the ability to see beyond the immediate pressures of partisan politics and to focus his efforts on improving the lives of citizens in his home state. Although this trait may not seem like much to brag about at first, it is in actuality a very scare attribute among politicians today.

Recognition from Mark Sanford

Because Mr. Crawford has remained a champion of conservative values and because he has first-hand knowledge of the medical field, he was appointed by Mark Sanford to serve on a special task for on healthcare. In light of the massive reforms that will come about in the near future as a result of the Affordable Care Act—also known as Obamacare—this country will need more individuals like him to offer up their knowledge of the medical industry. As the debate over the details of Obamacare continues, it is very important that policymakers gather as much information about the current healthcare situation as possible.

Additional service

Kris Crawford may already have two successful careers, as an esteemed medical professional and a member of the House of Representatives for his state, but he also serves his community in a variety of other ways. At present, he is a trustee of the Southern Growth Policies Board of the State of South Carolina. He is also the chairman of the I-95 Economic Development Blue Ribbon Study. Kris has a remarkable affinity for his home state and relishes any opportunity make life better for her citizens.

Deputy sheriff

As if Mr. Crawford did not already have enough going on in his professional life, he is also a volunteer deputy sheriff for Florence County, South Carolina. He has also participated in many SWAT team missions. When he is not rescuing individuals in distress or fighting crime, he also serves as an official doctor for Florence County’s Chemical, Ordinance, Biological, and Radiological Response Team.

Kris Crawford treasures his wife Rebecca and his four daughters above all else. His most esteemed pastime is enjoying himself with his family. Growing up in a small farming town, he has learned the importance of maintaining strong family ties. Religious faith is also very important to the Crawford's. Kris, his wife, and his daughters are all members of Central United Methodist Church.

Kris has always taken pride in his hailing from the wonderful State of South Carolina. He has developed an intense appreciation for her gorgeous landscape, her breath-taking coastlines, and her friendly people. Although its is a relatively small state, it has a rich history and culture. Through his medical career, his volunteer work, and his public service, Kris Crawford hopes to ensure a bright future for every citizen of this magnificent state.

As an experienced emergency room doctor, Kris Crawford understands that the healthcare reforms that will occur as a result of the Affordable Care Act, which is also referred to as Obamacare, are sure to forever change the medical industry. If the bill is not overturned or radically reworked in the immediate future, American citizens could suffer the long-term consequences of partisan politics.

The incredible cost of healthcare in America

Because of the millions of uninsured Americans who seek lifesaving treatment at emergency rooms every year, healthcare costs are continually skyrocketing. We are all in need of a quick and effective solution for this immediate crisis. Unfortunately, the Affordable Care Act was pushed through the House with very little Republican support. Democrats seem to want to yield the president’s healthcare plan without so much as considering the impact that it may have on the future of this country. Republicans are continually trying to find a way to combat the potentially devastating after-effects of Obamacare.

The possible effects of Obamacare on emergency rooms

Like most medical professionals, Kris is concerned about the future implications of Obamacare. Although the Affordable Care Act was designed to drastically reduce the amount of patients who use emergency rooms in place of primary care physicians, the bill could ironically have the opposite effect. Because of the possibility of fewer general practitioners accepting new Medicaid patients, many sick people who earn low incomes may end up going to emergency rooms after all. It will not help to expand Medicaid coverage if only a handful of doctors accept it. Regardless Kris Crawford of South Carolina is ready to tackle whatever the future holds in an attempt to benefit society as a whole.

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    : University of South Carolina
    : Medical Degree
    : United States
    : Columbia, SC
  • N/A to N/A
    : The Citadel
    : Bachelor's Degree
    : United States
    : Charleston, SC
  • N/A to N/A
    : McLeod Regional Medical Center
    : Internship and Residency
    : United States
Career History
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    : State Representative
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    : United States
    : Charleston, SC
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    : Surgeon
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    : United States
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    : President
    : United States
    : South Carolina
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    : Gladwin Elementary School
    : Gladwin
Core Competencies
  • Legal Research
  • Family Medicine
  • Political Consulting
  • Legislative Relations
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