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The independently owned Ryan Legacy Builders offers no.1 real estate properties in Lake Linganore & Rolling Hills in Maryland area. We have been “raising the bar” for over 25 years! With superior home designs to choose from, you can personalize your home to be everything your dream home should be. From start to completion, we will work directly with you to keep you involved every step of the way.

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Ryan Legacy Builders is a one-stop real estate website for all your home buying needs in Lake Linganore & Rolling Hills in Maryland area. We put best quality materials in the homes we build, for you – our customers. Whether you are selling your existing home or seeking a new home, we will gladly help. We are happy to take a look at your custom home plan. We also have access to many floor plans. We offer the facility to build on your own lot across Lake Linganore, Maryland and other arts of Maryland too. If we don’t have it, we can design it.

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Address: 16013 Lady Camarin, CT
City: Mount Airy
State: Maryland
Phone No.: (443) 277-4617
Fax Number: (410) 489-2466
Email : [email protected]

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12/19/2019 @ 06:31 pm

We purchased a Ryan Legacy home in mid September and wanted to share our experience with the company thus far. The build quality of the home is similar to other production builders in the area and we like the open floorplan the home offers. However, that is where the positives end as we have had nothing but issues when dealing with their project manager, warranty center, and anyone on their customer service team. We are now in mid December and still have not had the final walk through repairs made to the home. Many of which have not even been scheduled. In the beginning, we had their service contractor show up multiple times without the materials to complete the task, show up late, or not show up at all. After replacing their service contractor, they had the project manager come out to make repairs on minor items. He tried to fix our kitchen faucet which had very low water pressure and ended up causing it to leak overnight. Luckily the plumber was able to come out the next morning to replace the faucet. The project manager also tried to repair some mortar on the outside of our home which he left very rough and incomplete. No one has yet to come out to finish that repair which was started a few weeks ago. We heard multiple excuses as to why work was not being completed when scheduled but nothing has yet to change. Scheduling and communicating with Ryan Legacy has been a nightmare. In the beginning, we communicated solely through their project manager, Ross Ryan. After not being able to schedule contractors, return phone calls, texts, or emails in a timely manner we reached out to Blair Ryan who is in on the sales side to express our frustration. She set us up with Rich Meyer who was in charge of setting up their new warranty division which was supposed to help in communicating/schedule with homeowners and contractors. Rich was very responsive for about a week or so and then also stopped returning phone calls. After not hearing from Rich, Ross, or the warranty email we were told to communicate with for over a week and a half I reached out to Blair again to express our frustration with scheduling the remaining repairs. Blair said she would look into it and give me a call back that afternoon. I did not hear from her so I followed up with a phone call to her that evening. While speaking with her, she suggested that my wife and I were making phone calls to them as if we were dealing with an emergency. I again told her we were frustrated that no one had returned our phone calls, voicemails, texts, or emails in over a week which was not acceptable customer service. She essentially told me we were over the top with reaching out to them and that she doesn’t handle the warranty side of the business so I would need to follow up with Ross. Ross finally returned my call the next day after speaking to Blair and he also suggested that we were reaching out to them too often. I responded by saying if anyone acknowledged our calls we would not continue to reach out. A simple text or email saying, I got your message and we are working on scheduling would be enough but that never happened during the week and a half period. Ross then seemed confused as to what work needed to be completed at the house still even though he had come out a few weeks prior and walked the property with me to take pictures and document what needed completed. Another issue we had with them is the installation of our garage door opener. The installers used an extension cord which I found out was against code (only because my brother is an electrician). I contacted Ross who said he didn’t believe it was against code but would look into it. He contacted the Frederick County electrical inspector and then called me to say it passes code but if I wanted to I could call the inspector as well to follow up and Ross gave me his number. I called the inspector and he acknowledged that using an extension cord in this manner is a grey area but it would pass as long as the manual for the opener did not say otherwise. I flipped through the manual and found extension cords are not permitted so it was in fact against code. Ross had the electrician out to make the repair but it would never have happened if I didn’t follow through with the inspector. We are currently at odds with Ryan Legacy about a siding repair that was noted on our final walk through checklist. When we did our final walk through we noticed that the fascia along the roof line was rippled and some other spots of siding were not correctly installed. The owner of the company, Pete Ryan, was with us during the walk through and wrote this on our walk through list of items to be repaired after moving in. Ross Ryan was also with us and acknowledged the repair as well and Pete signed off on this needing repair. The siding company came out unannounced after not showing up at all during their originally scheduled time and walked the property with me. He took pictures of the damage and said he would be out the following Monday to repair. No on showed up that Monday and I contacted Ross to tell him. Eventually the siding company returned only to tell Ross that their warranty does not cover the damage and that if a repair were to be made that Ryan Legacy would need to cover it. We were just told this week by the warranty department that Ryan Legacy will not cover the damage and that no repairs will be made to the siding. I expressed my frustration with them as to how their company can have the owner, project manager, and siding contractors all admit that there is damage to the siding, say they will repair/replace, only to come back and say no, its not covered under warranty so were not doing it. Since this was listed on a formal walk through document and signed by the company’s owner himself, I reached out to our relator to see if there were any further steps we could take to have this repaired. She agreed that the walk trough checklist was a formal document and that they should be responsible for any repairs listed on there. She has reached out to Ryan Legacy’s relator with the hope to resolve the situation. We have yet to hear from Ryan Legacy regarding the siding but are hopeful with the help of our relator we can get it resolved. We have had nothing but issues with their project manager and warranty department when it comes to scheduling repairs and communicating in a professional manner. Now, a few months into owning the home, its no surprise we have had these issues as my neighbor, who also purchased a Ryan Legacy home has had many of the same issues with their customer service. We have even had contractors at our house who work with Ryan Legacy say to us that they are difficult to communicate with and that we should call them directly to schedule repairs. We never write reviews and even contemplated not writing this review. However, we feel that the customer service of Ryan Legacy has been so unacceptable that others should know about it prior to purchasing a home from them. If you have other options when it comes to purchasing a new home, you should explore them as Ryan Legacy does not act in a professional manner when it comes to their customers.

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