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Ambassador Ade Adefuye is the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to the United States of America.
Ade Adefuye is currently the ambassador of Nigeria to the United States. Living in Washington, D.C., and often traveling to the London in the United Kingdom, he has the unique experience of serving as a political and diplomatic liaison between these two countries, both of which are tasked with protecting the best interests of their people on the international stage. By working as an ambassador, Adefuye is able to represent the needs of Nigeria on the global platform by interacting directly with one of the largest powers within that sphere.
The goal of Adefuye’s work is to improve political relations with the United States through diplomatic means. Currently, Nigeria and the United States are focusing on strengthening the economic relationship between them by upholding the tenets of the African Growth and Opportunity Act, or AGOA.
The need for strong political ties is a priority for all countries, both large and small. Today’s world is becoming increasingly globalized, meaning that nations are working together more now than ever before to achieve their economic, political, social, and other goals. As such, having strong allies on the world stage is a wonderful way to safeguard a country’s place in the global environment—and to ensure that, should any country need assistance, there are plenty of supporters that will be willing to lend the help necessary.
Ambassador Ade Adefuye has a challenging position, as he is representing an entire nation of people. But as a seasoned diplomat he finds this challenge to be motivating rather than intimidating.
Ambassador Ade Adefuye has, since starting his career, built a reputation as a well respected and seasoned diplomat. Currently serving as the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to the United States of America, Adefuye is dedicated to representing the best interest of the Nigerian people while maintaining positive, mutually beneficial relations with the United States government.
The experience that Ambassador Ade Adefuye has accumulated over the years has allowed him to build up a long list of skills and expertise. He has, for nearly a quarter of a century, worked in the international affairs and development field while serving as a conflict and governance specialist. Furthermore, he has 14 years of experience working at the British Commonwealth of Nations. All of these positions have prepared him to excel in his current role, which has provided him with the opportunity to finely tune his diplomatic capabilities while truly making a difference in today’s world.
Some of the skills and expertise that Ambassador Adefuye possesses include:
• Conflict resolution and prevention: Diplomacy is the act of resolving conflict without it escalating into violence. Oftentimes, countries engage in diplomacy when a problem arises to try to prevent the battles and aggressive actions that can lead to wars. As an experienced diplomat, Ade Adefuye calls upon his ability to solve problems, communicate clearly, and interact positively with others to defuse intense situations when they arise.
• Governance: Understanding how governments work is essential in partnering with them. A highly experienced diplomat, Adefuye is knowledgeable about how democratic and pluralistic societies are run. Furthermore, he understands how constitutions are developed and reformed.
• International relations: Given his position, it is clear that Ambassador Ade Adefuye must know a great deal about the United States, its government, and its people. But having a strong ambassador is about more than learning the details surrounding the country in which a professional serves. To truly be an effective ambassador, Adefuye leverages his understanding of the world stage as a whole—not just the ability to navigate the small piece of it occupied by relations between Nigeria and the United States. Ambassador Ade Adefuye possesses both practical and research-based knowledge with regard to the international relations theories of the day.
• Elections: Over the course of his professional career, Adefuye has developed a strong understanding of the best ways to organize, supervise, and observe fair elections. Credible democratic practices are important in today’s world, and Adefuye has paid close attention to the development of his knowledge in this arena.
• Management: Before entering the diplomatic spotlight Adefuye worked in senior management positions with a variety of organizations. This is important to his success today, as it prepared him to take on complex tasks and allowed him to develop the ability to prioritize and organize his responsibilities while maintaining a strong understanding of the big picture.
• Negotiations: Being able to negotiate is one of the central skills that diplomats need to thrive in their positions. A successful diplomat leverages their negotiation skills to ensure that any conflicts are resolved in the manner that is as close to mutually beneficial as possible. Additionally, the ability to negotiate can often prevent conflict from arising, allowing diplomats to keep potentially intense and dangerous situations at bay. Doing so entails understanding the circumstances at hand and the needs of all parties involved. As such, strong listening and clear communication skills are imperative to achieving successful negotiations.
• Public speaking: This is also strongly related to communication skills, but it is about more than just conveying ideas. Being a strong public speaker requires individuals to understand the values and ideals of their audience and to speak to them in a way that calls upon these concepts to rally their support. Additionally, Ambassador Ade Adefuye knows that a successful public speaker has a strong sense of confidence that allows them to speak both from the heart and with authority. As such, they can connect with the audience and earn their trust and respect quickly, thereby gaining the support they need for their speech to be proclaimed a success.
• Cultural sensitivity: Ambassadors are representing the interests of their countries, which means that they naturally must have a strong understanding of their own culture. But it is important to note that they get the intricacies of the culture of the country in which they are serving. By respecting the traditions and attitudes of their host country, ambassadors can better gain their trust and accomplish their goals by creating a positive rapport with local politicians and diplomats.
• Clear communication: Communication seems like such a simple task, but the truth is that it can become very complex when put into a diplomatic situation. Even one miscommunication can end in terrible consequences, so it is imperative that ambassadors are able to clearly state their ideas verbally and in writing. It is important to remember, though, that communicating entails more than just conveying one’s own ideas. The best communicators are those who listen carefully so that they fully understand the needs and views of the other parties before crafting a message that is targeted and specific. Whether a message is conveyed in writing or verbally, though, it is crucial that it is properly constructed grammatically, as typos and grammatical errors can lead to misunderstandings that can cause conflict.
The role of diplomats in today’s world is incredibly important. Ambassadors serve to maintain peace between nations while facilitating efforts to work together to the benefit of everyone. As such, these professionals have a great deal of responsibility upon their shoulders. This said, though, it is an incredibly rewarding experience to serve as an ambassador for one’s country, as it is an opportunity that is unlike any other. Ambassador Ade Adefuye has thrived in this position and looks forward to continuing to serve in this role.
The future of any country is never certain, but Ambassador Ade Adefuye certainly has his hopes and predictions about how the future will unfold. First and foremost, he anticipates that the need for ambassadors will remain stronger than ever before due to the increased globalization that today’s world is experiencing. Globalization makes the world simultaneously larger and smaller, as it provides access to international resources, thereby opening up new opportunities, while connecting people from around the globe, thereby making it a smaller place. As such, political dynamics may change based upon the social and economic adjustments that are certain to take place as globalization continues to evolve. Ambassadors will certainly continue to play a major role in creating positive political relationships between countries.
Diplomacy will also continue to be extremely important. While it is true that wars are waging around the world, it is also true that many war-weary individuals are pushing for diplomatic solutions to problems rather than further fighting. With the right approach, Ade Adefuye knows that diplomats can find solutions to problems without having to resort to violence. For many people in countries around the world this is the preferred solution, as it saves lives and allows nations to resolve their differences with minimal social, economic, and other forms of damage.
The future of the world is an exciting concept to consider, and Adefuye is looking forward to seeing how upcoming events will play out. By serving as best as possible, Ambassador Ade Adefuye is certainly contributing to efforts to build a peaceful future for the next generation for his home country of Nigeria as well as the United States and the United Kingdom.

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  • University of Ibadan , United States , Nigeria

    - 01/1969
  • University of Ibadan , United States

    Doctor of Philosophy in History
    - 01/1972
  • Columbia University , United States

    Fulbright Scholar
  • University of North Florida , United States

    Fulbright Scholar
Career History
  • U.S. Ambassador , United States , Washington, DC

    not defined
    01/2010 to 12/2099
  • Advisor , United States
    01/2008 to 01/2010
  • Director of Strategic Planning , United States , London, United Kingdom
    01/1994 to 01/2008
  • Deputy High Commissioner , United States , London, U.K.

    not defined
    01/1991 to 01/1994
  • Jamaica High Commissioner , United States

    not defined
    01/1987 to 01/1991
  • Head of History Department, Professor , United States
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