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C. Frederick Wehba is a successful businessman and philanthropist whose passion for real estate investment has taken him from a small town in North Texas to the big city of Los Angeles.

C. Frederick Wehba is a successful businessman and philanthropist who has strong roots thanks to his childhood in the small town of Crowell, Texas. Wehba has since made it to the big city as a real estate investor who founded commercial real estate firm, Bentley Forbes. To date, Wehba has been involved in the purchase, sale and financing of more than $5 billion worth of property, giving him a strong reputation throughout the commercial real estate industry. Wehba is committed full-time to his real estate efforts and continues to search for and invest in the right types of properties. His knowledge and many years of experience have given his investments the reputation of being value generating, long term and risk conscious.

Aside from his business endeavors C. Frederick Wehba is also a devoted philanthropist. He is currently active with more than 30 charities across the United States and is respected for providing his time, talents and financial resources. Wehba’s dedication has allowed him to sit on the boards of prominent institutions like Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and strong community organizations like the West Los Angeles Boy Scouts. Wehba has also been hand-picked by Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan to sit on the board of the Alliance of College-Ready Schools. He not only gives back by investing through real estate but also by donating time and money through charitable organizations that are committed to community action and change.
C. Frederick Wehba was born in the small northern Texas town of Crowell located near the Oklahoma border. His father owned a grocery store located in town that provided Wehba with an excellent opportunity at such a young age. When he was just 10 years old he started working at the family business gaining experience and learning the values of running a trustworthy operation. Wehba worked at the store throughout high school and college and was able to supplement his schooling with real world experience.

The store provided more than just a place to hone business skills; C. Frederick Wehba was also taught by his father about the great opportunity he had living in the United States. As an immigrant from Lebanon, Mr. Wehba had a very deep appreciation and love for the new life the United States was able to provide him. This lesson was not lost on the young Wehba and became a building block for his future endeavors in business and philanthropy.

After graduating from college Wehba moved to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, where he began his successful business career using the very skills he learned from working at his father’s store. He started to purchase small grocery stores and with his retail and management experience was able to increase their sales. After making a store very successful Wehba was able to sell them for a hefty profit. Often times he would sell them for as much as five times his initial investment, making him realize his advanced skills in investment and management.

This initial success sparked C. Frederick Wehba’s interest in commercial real estate. During his seven years in Oklahoma City he was able to build a 120,000-square-foot shopping center. His investment success also gave him the opportunity to design and build a 53,000-square-foot superstore helping him to receive the “Store of the Year 1976” award from Progressive Grocer Magazine.

Wehba was only 26 years old at this point but had his sights set on even bigger goals. He moved to Denver in 1977 and took a position as President and General Manager of a 20-store supermarket chain. Even with this success in the supermarket industry C. Frederick Wehba was still intrigued by the excitement of real estate investment.

This passion led Wehba to Dallas, where he operated a manufacturing company and continued to buy and sell properties. After only three years he was able to sell the company for a profit, giving him the chance to focus on real estate investment.

By 1983, Wehba was fully committed to pursuing his true interest in real estate investment and made buying, selling and financing property his main business. Properties included land for development, shopping centers, warehouse projects, office buildings and sale/leaseback opportunities.

Looking to settle in one location, Wehba opted to move his family to the great city of Los Angeles in 1989. A long way from Crowell, Texas, L.A. offered Wehba many business opportunities. With his wife Susan, four sons and sister Eleanor Cates, the Wehba Family founded the real estate investment firm of BentleyForbes in 1993. Risking his reputation and financial situation, Wehba was able to create a successful business that allowed him to naturally move his life in another direction.

C. Frederick Wehba’s passion for philanthropy has flourished into a vibrant career of giving back. Wehba has been actively involved with more than 30 charities throughout the United States. His Christian faith has not only encouraged him to give back to communities but it has also given him the opportunity to participate in the creation, development and leadership of several Christian churches.

Many of the charitable organizations that Wehba is involved in utilize the power of committees to get tasks completed. These bodies within organizations serve specific purposes and such as being in charge of budgets, marketing or recruiting of volunteers. Wehba has had the privilege of serving on committees for the California Baptist University, First Baptist Church of Beverly Hills, InChrist Church and The Church at Beverly Hills.

Alongside his wife, Wehba has also been involved in different capacities with many other organizations including the John Wayne Cancer Institute, The Beverly Hills Education Foundation and the Muscular Dystrophy Association. All of their hard work has not gone unnoticed, as the couple has been presented with the Humanitarian Award from The Muscular Dystrophy Association. In 2004 the couple also earned the Spirit of Excellence award from the California Baptist University, recognizing them for their achievement in philanthropic endeavors. The Jeffrey Foundation also recognized Wehba and his wife Susan in 2006 for their many efforts in the philanthropic community.

Wehba has been able to see firsthand how much of an impact one person can make. He strongly encourages any individual to give back to the community in any capacity they can. Whether it’s big or small, thousands of charitable organizations welcome and rely on any type of support they can get.

The organizations that Wehba has supported have benefited greatly from his time, skills and financial contributions. They are all charities that he feels strongly about and believes in with all his heart. He as been quoted as saying, “I’ve been blessed with being successful and I don’t want to just spend my money on myself, I want to use it to make a difference in people’s lives. I look for opportunities to create or enhance safe, healthy and wholesome places to raise children that are like the safe, healthy, wholesome paces I knew growing up in a small town.”

For many successful people it is their roots that have allowed them to grow strong in all of their enterprises. For C. Frederick Wehba it has been those wholesome roots and experiences from his hometown in North Texas that have allowed him to become not only a successful businessman but also a very gracious and dedicated philanthropist.
C. Frederick Wehba has been a committed businessman and philanthropist for almost thirty years. He has shown a strong commitment to the community by donating his time, skills and money to over 30 organizations throughout the United States. His successful real estate investment firm, BentleyForbes, has been a large part of Wehba’s success, with over $3 billion dollars of real estate property. Wehba and his wife have also been recognized for their extensive charitable work and even after a long career show no signs of stopping.

Moving forward in the future C. Frederick Wehba will continue to rely on his small roots and ideals that have helped to be greatly successful. His achievement of Eagle Scout when he was young has also contributed to his ambition to continually give back to the community. His passion for real estate investment will continue to be a pillar of his business ventures and community donations. Always looking for the next perfect opportunity, Wehba shows no signs of slowing down.

A man of many talents, skills and experiences, Wehba is a well-rounded individual who has found his niche in Los Angeles. The city will provide Wehba with many future opportunities in business and philanthropy. L.A. is a perfect place for an immigrant’s child such as Wehba to continually grow and build a bright future for his family and employees.

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