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Sam Mustafa is a celebrated entrepreneur, restaurant owner, and CEO in the hospitality industry of Charleston, South Carolina.
Sam Mustafa is the founder and CEO of Charleston Hospitality Group. His organization is a Charleston staple, offering diverse cuisine, extensive catering, and reliable transportation options for residents and tourists.
Mustafa is the proud owner of seven successful restaurants in downtown Charleston, South Carolina. Every Charleston resident is familiar with at least one of Mustafa’s acclaimed establishments. Mustafa is proud to contribute to the friendly, inviting attitude that Charleston is known for.
Mustafa’s restaurants each offer a unique, inviting atmosphere, from cozy and casual to upscale. Regardless of the specifics, each of Mustafa’s restaurants is a reflection of his personal mantra: the customer comes first. Each culinary establishment boasts an attentive and committed staff serving a variety of innovative and tantalizing culinary options.
For transportation needs in Charleston, Mustafa’s organization is a leading provider known for friendly, personal and reliable service.
For a special occasion, try a spotless stretch limousine driven by a courteous and professional driver. For everyday travel needs, opt for an affordable and elegant taxi or town car. Mustafa and his staff are pleased to offer transportation for large groups, small parties, and even individual needs for daily transport.
Clients rave about Mustafa’s travel services, attesting to timely arrivals, sophisticated vehicles, and superior customer care. Turn to Charleston Downtown Limo for dependable, high-quality transportation.
Mustafa and Charleston Hospitality Group are celebrated for their commitment to serving the city’s hospitality needs. Sam Mustafa is known for the superior services offered by his professional ventures, from celebrated culinary sources to professional catering and reliable transport.
During his rise to the top, Sam Mustafa has exhibited ambition, foresight, and a sincere commitment to excellence in customer service and cuisine. Struggles during his education introduced Mustafa to the food industry and instructed him in ambitious entrepreneurship. A lucrative career in South Carolina identifies Mustafa and his ventures as celebrated standards of quality in the Charleston hospitality business.
Mustafa was born in Kuwait. Pursuing a college education in Illinois, Sam Mustafa entered the restaurant business to support himself. He worked as a restaurant employee for Pizza Hut, Domino’s Pizza, and McDonald’s. While he enjoyed working in the restaurant industry, Mustafa soon realized that his ambition would allow him to be his own manager in the future.
Over five months, Mustafa worked hard to secure his finances. Mustafa realized that his financial challenges could be a springboard for a lucrative professional career. He invested in a small business right on the Southern Illinois University campus. As the owner and operator of Sam’s Café, Mustafa faced daily challenges to ensure stability and profitability for his new business. Running Sam’s Café was a challenging endeavor, but Mustafa was committed to his new profession as an entrepreneur.
Mustafa soon recognized that without drastic action, his first venture would not survive. With his last financial scraps, Mustafa took out a pricey full-page ad in his school newspaper. The ad was a gamble, certainly – without further profits for Sam’s, Mustafa would be left penniless by this final gesture. The ambitious and risky effort succeeded. Mustafa renewed his business prospects, and strengthened his sense of ambition.
Mustafa’s years in education are marked by hard work and an impressive balancing act between professional endeavors and educational necessities. Through entrepreneurial success as well as educational commitment, Sam Mustafa was awarded a Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree in 1993.
As Sam’s Café grew to become a staple of his school campus, Mustafa turned his gaze to future opportunities. Sam Mustafa recognized that the restaurant industry would be the primary source of his professional success. Mustafa used part of his profits to fuel new businesses ventures. With a desire to help his loved ones, Mustafa sent the majority of his hard-won business earnings to Kuwait to support his family.
Mustafa visited South Carolina during a well-earned vacation. He fell in love with Charleston, and knew that he had found his new entrepreneurial headquarters. He relocated to the charming southern city over the course of two years.
Extensive moving costs and contributions to his family left Mustafa virtually penniless in his new hometown. Willing to do whatever was necessary to rebuild his ambitions, Mustafa immediately took managerial positions at an Arby’s and at a local liquor store. Mustafa never lost sight of his ambition to be the founder of innovative and successful restaurants in Charleston.
In 2005, Mustafa opened Toast, his first restaurant in South Carolina. Toast soon became a celebrated breakfast spot in Charleston.
In 2008, Mustafa acquired Market Street Saloon. He upheld the Saloon’s reputation for great entertainment in an exciting atmosphere and expanded the business to a new location.
An energetic atmosphere and dedicated waitstaff have allowed the Market Street Saloon to remain a celebrated local hotspot, particularly as a hub for memorable bachelor and bachelorette bashes.
Sam Mustafa soon realized that his entrepreneurial strengths had wider applications. Mustafa founded the Charleston Hospitality Group to bring superior cuisine and travel options to Charleston visitors and locals.
Today, the Group’s offerings include seven restaurants and eight acclaimed businesses. Among them are Eli’s Table, Tabbuli, Wreckfish, Toast!,Queology BBQ, Charleston Hospitality Catering and Whisk.
Eli’s Table is a Meeting Street hotspot, named for the founder’s son. Mustafa founded Eli’s Table to offer residents and guests breakfast, lunch, and dinner offerings that combine the mainstays of southern cuisine with fresh, innovative culinary creations. Eli’s Table is a welcoming southern breakfast spot, pairing a casual daytime atmosphere with upscale evening dining.
Customer reviews have repeatedly praised the restaurant’s diverse offerings, exquisite outdoor seating, and fair prices. Mustafa has always been committed to catering to the needs of vegan and vegetarian patrons, and Eli’s is no exception.
Mustafa founded Tabbuli to offer Mediterranean and American cuisine in a cozy informal setting. Here, Mustafa offers Mediterranean specialties, including falafel and babaghanoush, as well as signature sandwiches and classic cocktails. Customers continually attest to Tabbuli’s inviting ambience and stellar waitstaff.
For a treat, Charleston residents and visitors head to Whisk, Sam Mustafa’s friendly local bakery. Mustafa founded Whisk to provide locals with memorable handmade delicacies. In addition to rave-worthy freshly-baked croissants, cream puffs, sandwiches, and salads, Mustafa ensures that his Whisk staff is friendly, welcoming, and customer-oriented. Every handmade creation is served with a smile.
Mustafa established his reputation as a hospitality mogul by creating Charleston Hospitality Catering. Charleston Hospitality Catering provides a full range of exquisite menus for any large gathering.
With Charleston Hospitality Catering, high-class cuisine and thoughtful presentations add an unforgettable flair to any large event. For get-togethers including corporate events, weddings, and receptions, Mustafa’s catering staff work with clients to develop a menu that is stunning, suitable, and affordable.
Mustafa founded Charleston Hospitality Home Catering to enable clients to offer guests tantalizing cuisine in comfort. Sam Mustafa’s home catering services bring upscale cuisine home, perfecting a garden party, birthday, or any other housebound gathering.
Mustafa extended his hospitality repertoire to include extensive, highly reputable transportation services for Charleston residents as well as tourists. Mustafa established a range of superior services to shuttle any group of travelers within and around Charleston.
For local needs, Mustafa began to offer Charleston Black Cabs, known for their spotless appearance and courteous, well-trained operators. Large gatherings benefit from Mustafa’s stretch limousines and spacious shuttles, each offered with an absolute guarantee of quality and professionalism.
Mustafa and the Charleston Hospitality Group are mainstays of the South Carolina hospitality industry. As the group’s CEO, Mustafa holds his staff to standards of excellence in service and customer care. Sam Mustafa and his staff continuously put customers first in their unparalleled fulfillment of the cuisine and hospitality needs of Charleston.
Looking ahead, Sam Mustafa sets several goals for his professional career. Mustafa is, first and foremost, dedicated to upholding the quality and service standards of his existing ventures. Mustafa plans to keep Eli’s Table, Tabbuli, Whisk, and his other restaurants well-received local establishments. This goal will be achieved by maintaining the superior standards that have catapulted Mustafa to his current status in the hospitality industry.
Fresh, innovative cuisine can only be served with a careful awareness of the trends of the restaurant industry and the needs of one’s customers. Freshness, invention, and customer service will never be sacrificed in the name of profit. Mustafa will continue to defend the qualities and innovations that have made his restaurants Charleston favorites.
In the future, Charleston clients can continue to expect professionalism, friendly service, and timely transport from Mustafa’s transportation businesses. As he continues to expertly manage Charleston Downtown Limo and Charleston Black Cab, Mustafa will never compromise on customer care.
Mustafa is ambitious by nature, constantly turning his attention to the next entrepreneurial opportunity. As the city of Charleston expands, particularly in terms of tourism, Charleston Hospitality Group will continue to cater to the needs of local residents and city visitors.
Inspiration may strike at any time, leading CEO Sam Mustafa’s hospitality offerings in a new direction. Mustafa will use his ambition, experience, and personal creed to continue to serve Charleston with his current ventures in the years to come. He will continue to search for new, community-enhancing opportunities to serve Charleston with superior hospitality.

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