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Dr. Sanjeev Kaila is a leading plastic surgeon who has introduced many innovative tools and procedures in the medical industry.
After having built a comprehensive career as a talented, award-winning plastic surgeon in Canada and beyond, Dr. Sanjeev Kaila continues to pursue new opportunities in the industry. Gaining recognition for his introduction of gastric balloons to Canadian patients and his featured profile in the medical documentary Ganesh, Boy Wonder, Dr. has had the ability to explore incredible new practices and concepts in restorative, cosmetic procedures.
For example, Dr. Kaila is concentrated on the emerging subject of biochemical balancing—the practice of helping people achieve “youth” from the inside out through the use of components known as nutraceuticals. According to Sanjeev, biochemical balance is an amazing new area of cosmetics to pursue, as it focuses on helping patients not only look younger on the surface—the result of many existing products on the market—but to also become more youthful through internal components. Dr. Sanjeev explains that biochemical balance works to correct imbalances and deficiencies in the body to replace these components with nutraceuticals or stem cell growth factors.
While the possibilities of biochemical balancing are only just beginning to be explored by medical professionals, Dr. Kaila says that he has witnessed dramatic improvements in aging among those subjects who have utilized these resources. For example, biochemical balancing not only helps the body become more balanced and healthier, but has also been evaluated for success in hair restoration, weight control and hormone management.
In addition to working on the biochemical balance project, Dr. Sanjeev Kaila is focused on opening nine plastic surgery centers throughout the United States.
Dr. Sanjeev Kaila began his career in the medical and plastic surgery industries in the ‘90s, starting with a comprehensive academic track record. Understanding that he would need to dedicate himself to a rigorous path in higher education in order to become one of the world’s leading plastic surgeons, Sanjeev made sure to earn high marks as a high school student. In fact, from 1986 to 1991 he earned his Ontario Secondary School diploma with honors in science at the noted Albert Campbell Collegiate Institute located in Toronto. At A.C.C.I., Sanjeev already indicated his proficiency in academics, as he graduated second in his class as valedictorian—one that was compromised of 350 students.
After secondary school, Dr. Kaila was accepted to attend the University of Toronto, where he studied from 1991 to 1993. In 1993, Kaila graduated from the Bachelor of Pharmacy Program with a Bachelor of Science degree, carrying an impressive GPA of 3.96. While already displaying a strong aptitude for medical science, Sanjeev was ready to take on new challenges and enrolled in the Doctor of Medicine Program at the University of Western Ontario, located in London, Ontario. After four years of meticulous studying and academic growth, Kaila earned his M.D. title in 1997.
Confident in his medical skills, Dr. Sanjeev Kaila quickly progressed to begin his plastic surgery residency through the University of Western Ontario. Taking part in a program accredited by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada from 1997 to 2002, Kaila was able to build a strong foundation in the field in which he continues to excel today.
Throughout his academic journey, he was awarded many honors that helped signify his potential in the plastic surgery field, as well as a business professional with a knack for strategic growth and development. At the dawn of his collegiate experience, Kaila was awarded the S.E.C.U.L. Investment Group Economics Award for possessing the highest standing in economics. Around the same time, Sanjeev also earned the A.B. Patterson Memorial Award for having the highest academic standing and extracurricular involvement at his secondary institution.
Not only did the University of Toronto identify Kaila as a promising student for acceptance into the Bachelor of Pharmacy Program, but it also believed in his potential enough to provide him with scholarships. Throughout his undergraduate education, Dr. Sanjeev Kaila received the University of Toronto Pharmaplus Merit Scholarship, as well as the University of Toronto CRC/Apotex Research Scholarship for holding such a high rank within his area of study. While earning his M.D., Dr. Sanjeev was also recognized on the Dean’s Honor List through the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Western Ontario in 1996.
Following his experiences in higher education, he amassed significant clinical experience, earning the licenses and skills necessary to provide the highest level of care in plastic surgery. In addition, he has fulfilled chief executive officer roles, allowing him to develop his career even further as a business leader and management professional. For 11 years, Kaila excelled in plastic surgeon practice, noted as one of the busiest specialists in Canada. In fact, during this period he performed more than 35,000 surgical procedures, managing 16 surgeons at his center and was responsible for billing more than $10 million in surgery per annum.
While already noted as an accomplished plastic surgeon in the Canadian cosmetic procedures market, he gained an exciting opportunity to gain more exposure in 2009 in a documentary project entitled Ganesh, Boy Wonder. This acclaimed film tells the true story of a young boy in India who was born with a rare facial deformity. Through a heartwarming journey, the boy came into contact with Dr. Sanjeev who provided plastic surgery services to help the young man transform his life. Ganesh, Boy Wonder has been officially selected for numerous film festivals across the world and has allowed Sanjeev to realize his complete potential as a plastic surgeon.
Having a positive experience in film, Dr. Sanjeev Kaila expanded his professional opportunities to become the executive producer of other projects, including Beat the World and High World.
Today, Dr. Sanjeev Kaila has already demonstrated an impressive ability to improve the care of thousands of patients not only in Canada, but in the United States and beyond as well. For Sanjeev, cosmetic procedure options available today are exciting, but are only a slight indication of what this medical field has to deliver in the near future.
Having become familiar with the trends and evolution of the global plastic surgery field, Sanjeev is now concentrated on pursuing one of the next greatest revolutions in cosmetic procedures. Known as biochemical balance, this procedure involves the use of nutraceuticals or stem cell growth factors to promote anti-aging in the human body. According to Kaila , biochemical balance is “plastic surgery from the inside out,” as it helps change the makeup of patients to restore hair growth, hormone control and weight management. Currently working with a team of plastic surgeons, PR specialists, anti-aging clinicians and business developers, Kaila hopes to make biochemical balance the next wave of cosmetic care across the world.
Passionate about changing lives through plastic surgery and other means, Dr. Sanjeev Kaila is also involved with a comprehensive project to expand care within the United States of America. Currently, he is assisting in a plan to open nine facilities in major cities to help improve the standard of care in cosmetic procedures throughout the country. Focusing on international opportunities in the plastic surgery market, Sanjeev is also involved with opening a surgical center in Rajasthan, India. This city remains a popular spot for Bollywood celebrities, allowing the center to prove successful and approach more plans for growth in the future.

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  • Albert Campbell Collegiate Institute , Scarborough, Ontario

    Secondary School Diploma , Dr. Kaila graduated with honors and was ranked 2nd out of 350 students.
    01/1986 - 01/1991
  • University of Toronto , United States , Toronto, Ontario

    Bachelor of Science , Dr. Kaila graduated with a 3.96 G.P.A. and ranked 2nd out of 150 students.
    - 01/1997
  • University of Western Ontario , London, Ontario

    Doctor of Medicine
    - 01/1997
  • University Of Western Ontario , United States , London, Ontario

    Plastic Surgery Residency
    - 01/1996
Career History
  • London Scoping Centre , United States , London, Onotario

    09/2011 to
  • Chief Executive Officer , United States , Windsor, Ontario

    09/2010 to 09/2012
  • Chief Executive Officer & Medical Director , United States , Sarnia, Ontario , In August of 2011, Dr. Kaila sold 100% of his interest to Centric Health Corporation.

    09/2002 to 01/2012
  • Staff Plastic Surgeon , United States , Staff Plastic Surgeon

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