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Seiri DuPen is a radio personality in Junction City, Kansas, offering advice on relationships and family management.
On air at 6:00 am Monday through Friday, Seiri DuPen is up and energized to travel with the morning commuters to work. Taking calls and giving advice until 10:00 am, DuPen does not sugarcoat any advice and gives callers strict recommendations for how to handle their relationship issues. With a belief that he is only trying to help people find true happiness and love, DuPen knows that his methods are difficult for people to not take personally. With all the criticism coming his way, DuPen believes that what he does works.
In a wonderful and lasting marriage, DuPen knows how much hard work goes into dating and establishing a relationship that will last for a lifetime. Through hard work and dedication to ensure that everyone finds absolute happiness, Seiri DuPen lays out a plan over his show every morning that he hopes people will follow in the pursuit to find love and happiness. DuPen believes that no life is truly complete unless there is a person to share it with.
DuPen is an expert in the following areas:
• Dating Advice
• Marriage Advice
• Perfect Proposals
• Handling In-Laws
• Healthy Compromise
• Keeping the Romance Alive
• Self Examination
While DuPen considers these the major areas people need assistance with when it comes to finding a mate, he also believes that some people are resistant to critical advice in the areas of self examination and healthy compromise.
While pursuing his degree in philosophy at Kansas State University, Seiri DuPen took a small job at a local radio station to make ends meet. Though only delivering coffee and making copies for the staff, DuPen began to become more interested in the entertainment industry. Though his parents tried to steer him back toward philosophy, he used all his free time to devote to working at the station doing odd jobs and learning more about the business.
When Seiri DuPen graduated from the university in 1991, DuPen used every opportunity he could find in order to make his dreams of becoming a radio host come true. With a pioneering spirit and a commitment to making life easier through entertainment and humor, DuPen landed a job on the night shift of the station he worked at in college.
After suffering a heartbreaking relationship failure, DuPen realized that there were millions of people in his same situation who do not have a clue as to what happened. Using his night job as a foundation for how he would get his start in the business, DuPen began talking about his own experience and speculating about the possible signs he saw and ignored in his relationship.
Radio personalities have to possess a certain sense of humor about their lives and society at large. When people began staying up late to listen to Seiri DuPen reflect on his life while playing engaging music, they also began telling their own stories about relationships and the successes and failures. Soon, DuPen found himself offering advice to these individuals and consoling them in their times of need and despair.
His passion for radio and determination to succeed in this area in his life made DuPen the perfect person to consult for relationship troubles for the area of Manhattan, Kansas, in the mid-90s. He not only gave honest opinions about the state of caller relationships, he also provided people with personal stories to provide examples of what works and what does not. Willing and eager to demonstrate his passion for the people who call to speak with him every night, DuPen began to pay attention to the common areas of concern people were talking about and dedicated his life to learning as much as he could about people, body language, voice tone and relationships.
Making himself an expert in the field, Seiri DuPen spent his time in the evenings and afternoons on his days off frequenting night clubs and restaurants and identifying the markers of what makes dating and marriages successful or not. While others may discredit this method of determining what works, DuPen has seen firsthand how the signs seen by others are undetectable to the person inside a relationship.
Taking his findings back to the air proved successful because callers began taking notes and offering their own suggestions as to how decoding body language and hidden messages in their significant others made a world of difference in how they operated. Self-taught and educated on the topics of relationships, DuPen quickly moved up to a morning slot for his show. Having quickly established himself in this field, DuPen gave thanks on his first morning show to the woman who broke his heart and the phone lines lit up with people wanting to ask for advice.
Fusing together talk radio with various genres of music, Seiri DuPen dedicates certain songs to the interesting callers who come to him for advice. From hip-hop and classic rock to metal and country, DuPen knows how to keep his audience entertained while providing them with his advice for their individual situations. While his comments have become blunt over the years, he believes that there is someone for everyone in the world. Putting in the work is the only way to find that person, and DuPen tells his radio show audience that his words are not meant to hurt and that he chooses to put it so frankly as a way to shock them out of the fantasy world they live in.
Seiri DuPen has known how difficult dating is since he was a teenager. When callers come to him for dating advice, he asks them a host of questions before he even attempts to answer the question. According to DuPen, a person should never attempt to pick someone up in a bar setting. Most people believe that these settings are ideal because the atmosphere is relaxed and unintimidating. For DuPen, these situations only set a person up for failure because in order to be taken seriously, friends should not be looking over from the sidelines and an alcoholic beverage should not be in hand.
Meeting ideal people in a proper situation is the only way to find the best person to bring into a life. DuPen believes that supermarkets and clothing stores are great places to meet people because within a manner of seconds it is made clear whether or not this is the type of person that is right. The items included in the shopping cart or the type of clothes a person is looking for is a way of communicating with someone without even having to talk to them.
If a caller admits to being health conscious and does not know why the past relationship with a junk food addict failed, Seiri DuPen simply lays it out and lets that person know that not only was the decision to continue dating this person a mistake, but it was also a waste of time. DuPen works hard and becomes excited when giving advice about dating and meeting the right people. He encourages people to pay attention on the first date to everything the other person does because if there is something that you do not like on that first date, that behavior will become a point of contention throughout the entire relationship.
DuPen does not want people to go into any situation expecting to change the other person to meet specific needs. In fact, he does not understand why people try to change one another in the first place. While callers continue to ask DuPen why changing small habits is a negative, Seiri DuPen only responds by telling that caller that having success in changing one area of their significant is a gateway success to trying to change the whole person.
Maintaining a happy lifestyle with his wife Summer, Seiri DuPen looks forward to helping people look for love and happiness in the Manhattan area. While there are people who do not take him seriously as a person who can provide advice and help in matters of relationships, DuPen only jokes that listening to his show is a lot cheaper than hiring someone to tell them what he offers every morning for free. Having learned to not take himself too seriously, DuPen believes that the humor and advice he gives to people actually makes their situations better and easier to handle. DuPen wishes there was a radio station available for him when he went through that heartbreak long ago, but he also knows that if there was he would not be able to do his job every morning.
Beginning every Friday with a montage of the week’s discussions set to music, DuPen combats criticism with comic relief and continues to move forward with his life in Kansas. Bringing on a panel of experts at times to back up or refute the advice he offers is the best way DuPen knows to keep the interest in his station. While the slot shows no signs of losing listeners, DuPen fears that once everyone finds the perfect match for them they will have no reason to continue asking for his advice. In the meantime, the calls keep coming in and Seiri DuPen keeps talking to them and doing what he can to assist people in finding great relationships to last forever.

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