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Rebecca Boatman

United States
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Rebecca Leigh Boatman is a free spirit and devoted marketer who works with one of the largest shoe manufacturing companies in the world.

Rebecca Boatman established her clear and focused mindset through years and years of dedicated work. Her varied career history has presented her with professional skills that are extremely valuable. She constantly strives to be understanding of different perspectives and experiences, in order to form close relationships with the people she encounters on a daily basis. Boatman currently works with one of the largest shoe manufacturing company in the world. Throughout her workday, she marvels at the ingenuity that her company employs. They have perfected the art of transforming a raw material into a beautiful, new pair of shoes, providing for millions around the world. While this company is recognized all over the world, Boatman is currently bringing this company to the United States.

When Rebecca Boatman finds free time, she likes to give back to the community. She prides herself in her volunteer work and often donates her time to charitable organizations. She currently volunteers at the Salt on the Street Foundation, which supplies clothes and meals for homeless individuals. This organization even brings live music to the homeless community in hopes of lifting their spirits. Boatman enjoys speaking with people from different backgrounds, as she believes that every single person is important. Her volunteer work helps to teach others that they must learn to love and respect themselves to find happiness.

Rebecca Leigh Boatman’s resume is colorful and varied, as it reflects her inclination towards positive opportunities. She prides herself on her ability to communicate with others in a genuine way.

Throughout her lifetime, she worked at various companies and held a wide range of titles. Many of these opportunities allowed her to work closely with others for a common cause. Through these experiences, Boatman developed a strong sense of herself. While she quickly mastered many customer service skills, she took her responsibilities a step further to connect to the public. Her life experience taught her that happiness comes from within. Possessing this clarity allowed her to become a positive and motivated free spirit.

In the past, Rebecca Boatman worked in the food service industry, which helped to shape her customer service skills. She held various positions in Bellingham, Washington. Boatman provided business-oriented customer service for companies like Three Sun’s Coffee Company, Pita Pit, and Kuru Kuru Sushi. Most of her outlook comes from her sincere urge to respect and love everyone that she encounters. Her beliefs stem from her ability to take the positive aspects of a difficult situation in order to grow from them. In the fast-paced world of customer service, Boatman often had to juggle multiple projects at once with grace and professionalism. Some of these situations created a stressful environment where Boatman had to practice understanding and commitment to her employer.

Boatman has participated in volunteer opportunities in various communities. The time that she spends out of work is dedicated to giving back to the community in some way. She loves to volunteer at the Salt on the Street Foundation. This organization works with volunteers to provide cloths and food to people in need. One of the most interesting parts of Rebecca Boatman’s efforts, comes from her positive outlook on life. When she volunteers, she doesn’t simply bring food or clothing to the foundation. She also comes with the gift of perspective, which enables her to connect to the people those who are receiving aid.

Her interactions with people in the community allow her to admire the souls and smiles of those that she encounters. These deeps discussions have taught her that those who are suffering are often quite spiritually rich. The foundation often plays live music for the homeless to enjoy, with hopes that the sounds will inspire and motivate them. This aspect of her community service goes hand-in-hand with her personal beliefs.

In addition to the work she has performed for the foundation, she also regularly volunteers at Sunnyland Elementary. This school is located in Bellingham, Washington. Rebecca Boatman is able to inspire the children through her work as a tutor. She finds solace in the process of helping a struggling child to realize their potential. As children begin to progress from one on one tutoring, she helps remind them the value of hard work and positive thinking. Her work with children reminds her of the passion that she has for giving back.

Boatman often comments on the horrific living conditions that some children experience in poor countries all over the world. She notes that there is a special place in her heart for children that are born into extreme poverty levels. Rebecca Leigh Boatman feels that these children are often so young and innocent that they can barely comprehend the society that they struggle to live in. She finds comfort in her work with children at Sunnyland Elementary, but she aims to help children all over the world.

Boatman’s life experiences have taught her to be true to her best traits. She is often described as organized, friendly, honest, and willing to learn. Adopting this positive outlook has helped her to clearly define her goals and ambitions. She feels strongly about giving back to the community and helping others. Her commitment to volunteer work stems from the feeling that she gets when she is helping others. She reports feeling her best when she is actively helping others and sharing happiness. Her lifelong dream is comprised of amazing opportunities to help people all over the world. She finds power in loving and giving to others. She is determined to feed, clothe, and educate people around the world.

When Rebecca Boatman isn’t working or volunteering her time, she takes time to keep herself emotionally and physically fit. In order to live a long and happy life, she has committed herself to eating a healthy diet while keeping an active lifestyle. She refrains from eating meat in hopes of avoiding all of the preservations, hormones, and carcinogens that are often found in animal products.

Through research, she notes that various news outlets have reported mistreatment of animals by the meat packing industry. These poor animals are often forced to live in confined areas and are often fed artificial foods that are not good for their digestive system. Rebecca Boatman advises that if one is vegetarian, they must take certain vitamins to maintain a healthy diet.

While Rebecca Boatman has many interests, she ultimately hopes to lead a life of helping people around the world. Each day, Boatman plans to continue her efforts on giving back to the community while learning as much as possible in the process. Her conversations with people from all walks of life enable her to remain connected to her personal goals. Boatman often takes time to remind others that they don’t need to prove themselves to others. She notes that peace and happiness comes from within and that we are all capable of finding true happiness. She finds happiness in helping others and plans to dedicate her life to this endeavor.

She also focuses some of her daily efforts on maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regiment. She appreciates times when she can enjoy a moment to exercise outdoors. The fresh air and beautiful scenery leaves her feeling refreshed and focused. Hiking is easily one of her favorite activities as it allows her to appreciate nature while challenging her body. Rebecca Boatman plans to continue her hikes at Runyon Canyon, which is located in Los Angeles, California. The gorgeous view is a natural wonder that creates a motivational experience for anyone who experiences it. While some trails are often quite difficult, the challenge is extremely healthy. She feels that these experiences can be truly powerful as they help her clear her mind.

  • 01/2010 to 01/2012
    : Whatcom Community College
    : Associates
    : United States
Career History
  • 03/1999 to 12/2099
    : Marketing Expert
    : not defined
    : United States
  • N/A to N/A
    : Se2 /
    : IT business analyst consultant
Core Competencies
  • Microsoft Excel
  • C++
  • Java
  • Social Media
  • Public Speaking
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