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Jason Proch

United States
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Jason Proch has a great deal of professional experience in business and engineering. He has also achieved a reputation for inventing something of use to hunters around the country.

Jason Proch’s most recent endeavor in his professional career was founding GrandView Solutions, LLC, in 2009. Understanding exactly how to multi-task and approach a business’s cross functional needs, Proch admirably fills the responsibilities of company president. He dedicates a good deal of time to consulting, as well, offering GrandView’s clients a bevy of advantages.

Proch employs his prowess for business planning, financing, marketing and more. Although he must oversee a plethora of daily operations, he concentrates on new market creation, improving business development efforts, and increasing sales. A number of achievements that attest to his advanced set of capabilities:

• Improvement of business development strategies among start-up operations
• Resolution of cash flow issues, meanwhile focusing on enhancing marketing efforts
• Management of online marketing in many areas, such as blogging and web design
• Mastery of product development on all sides, including design, implementation and distribution

Proch also invented the Game Glide™, which is an innovative product designed for hunters. Although it is a niche market, Proch’s invention has satisfied countless people around the country. He is an outdoor enthusiast himself, so he brought his business expertise and creativity together to devise a tool all big game hunters can use.

Jason Proch is also very passionate about supporting local economies. He spends a significant amount of time annually donating his time and expertise. For example, with GrandView, he helps to develop small and mid-sized businesses throughout Pennsylvania. He has learned, lived and worked within the region for years. To this day he devotes time and energy to maintaining a deep connection with his community.

Jason Proch boasts over 16 years of experience in various professional capacities and industries. He possesses expertise in high-quality sales, marketing and operations executive work. He has also served several campaigns and projects on a global scale. In short, his background in engineering and business education has enabled Proch to become a master consultant for small businesses.

Besides helping businesses achieve operations and marketing goals through his work in consultation, Jason also invented a remarkable product for the hunting industry. The Game Glide is an “ultra-light deer sled” which is unprecedented in terms of previous developments. Although Jason is presently recognized for his many accomplishments, his educational and professional histories have really allowed him to reach such a prominent point of success.


Jason Proch enrolled at the prestigious Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in 1991. There, he earned a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, while simultaneously pursuing a minor in Environmental Engineering.

He gained an understanding of multiple aspects in each field, but maintained a zeal for acquiring more knowledge. In 1997, Proch graduated from the University of Pittsburg with a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, again minoring in Environmental Engineering.

While he gained vast academic experience in engineering, Jason Proch knew he would have to continue his studies. He realized he wanted to become a successful entrepreneur, so he enrolled in Duquesne University’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) program. He graduated Summa Cum Laude with a concentration in Marketing.

His wealth of academic experience led him to appreciate the value of all areas of education. Surely, it took time to become a knowledgeable professional, but even more to gain his trustworthy reputation.

Professional Experience

The depths of Proch’s business consulting abilities are marked by his past experience in the professional world. He has filled various professional roles since earning his MBA:

1998 – 2001: Senior Gas (Combustion) Turbine Engineer at Siemens Westinghouse Power Corporation in Orlando, Florida

• Proch demonstrated a natural ability to manage a business with a cross-functional perspective. He led a number of large projects with domestic and international teams at Siemens. He had a great deal of responsibility, but handling it with a certain zeal created his proficiency in multi-tasking and project-direction. This first professional role cultivated Proch’s ability to work from a comprehensive standpoint.
2001 – 2006: Gas (Combustion) Turbine Lead and Project Manager at Allegheny Energy Supply in Greensburg, Pennsylvania

• This role required Proch to utilize his background in engineering, thereby enabling him to lead successful plant maintenance planning projects. He not only had to execute complex project plans, but he also had to manage the complicated factors involved in mechanical operations. Proch’s management was technical and mechanical in nature, and he had to display considerable skill in order to prepare the company for costly emergency maintenance outages. Additionally, Jason Proch had to stay current with cutting-edge technology and make integral decisions with regard to how new developments could improve daily operations and professional partnerships with Allegheny Energy Supply.

2006 – 2009: Global Product Manager for Phillips Respironics in Murrysville, Pennsylvania

• Here, Proch managed a myriad of product and projects, led teams to execute the tasks, and developed new products and strategies. The business worked with medical devices and within the healthcare industry. In short, the experience gave Proch a solvent background in product creation, which definitely used to launch the innovative product, Game Glide. Yet, he did not simply acquire a thorough understanding of product development and daily operations in business, but also effective leadership and customer-focused solutions.

2009 – Present: Founder and President of GrandView Solutions, LLC

Jason Proch’s diverse career experience, as mentioned, afforded him the ability to multi-task and complete projects on a cross-functional level. He also has experience managing teams of personnel that must achieve project goals with high-quality results by a deadline. Proch took the same zeal and comprehensive approach to the development of GrandView Solutions, LLC. He founded the company to consult businesses on how to make progress in today’s world.

While Proch is recognized as the President of GrandView Solutions, LLC, he has remained very involved in the company’s relationships with clients. His aim has been to provide the services needed to enable businesses in several capacities. Proch’s work as a consultant has required him to employ lessons he learned from previous professional roles. His experience as an entrepreneur and management professional allowed him to apply certain expertise and satisfy the needs of his clients.

Game Glide

Jason Proch successfully created and implemented a new hunting product, which he dubbed the Game Glide. The ultra-light deer sled became quickly renowned in the hunting market because the innovation actually revolutionized the practice of hunters everywhere. Proch had always hunted himself, and his concern with ever-changing market trends gave him the idea. Yet, he also noticed a need for a better way to haul game from the hunting site to a truck or other destination based on sales trends of other deer-sleds.

The Game Glide became quickly noted as the “first and only” ultra-light deer sled. It started to provide hunters with the most cost-efficient and user-friendly product for dragging wild game. After a short time and a bit of research on the hauling process, Proch discovered that the Game Glide was reducing drag struggles by up to 46 percent.

The product was created to make the hunting process easier and more enjoyable, but it wound up meeting other apparent needs in the hunting consumer market. For example, Proch ensured that the product would be affordable. He also helped design the sled to be easy-to-carry, which has always been important for recreational and professional hunters.

The connection between Proch’s invention and his work in business is not as abstract as one might think. Proch’s entrepreneurial projects are similar to his innovative developments in the hunting industry because each demonstrates his ability to transform a small idea. Proch turned a unique idea into a successful enterprise with the Game Glide. All things considered, educational and professional backgrounds make him an excellent candidate for businesses in need of a consultant. Jason Proch was able to implement his product after he evaluated market conditions, a process which doubtlessly translates to the work of new businesses that call on him for help.

Jason Proch has many goals as he moves forward into the future, not solely in terms of business. Surely, he is fully devoted to sustaining his company, GrandView Solutions LLC. Yet, he is still committed to the development of small businesses in and around his residential community. He has provided certain resources to small businesses that have succeeded in the past, and Proch hopes to continue along the same lines. He can definitely bring a breadth of marketing experience to new startups, aiming to help them enhance any existing promotional efforts and create new ones.

Separately, Proch will continue his development of the Game Glide, which seems to boast new augmentations regularly. He has always demonstrated his tenacity for competing in business, but also for maintaining affordability in the consumer market. Apart from the management of this outdoorsy venture, Proch believes he will always be an enthusiast himself. He expects to make some big trips in the near future, and will probably start exploring new areas around the United States.

Proch’s zeal for education will not end soon. Doubtlessly, he will continue to enhance his expertise in the world of business in order to continue having success with GrandView Solutions LLC. Because the nature of business is ever changing, it is necessary for entrepreneurs and consultants alike to keep up. Jason Proch believes that markets will never stop evolving and that what constitutes the effective characteristics of advertising will not cease to transform in the coming years.

  • 01/1998 to 01/2003
    : Duquesne University
    : MBA in Marketing - Summa Cum Laude
    : United States
    : Pittsburgh, PA
  • 08/1995 to 05/1997
    : University of Pittsburgh
    : M.S. in Mechanical Engineering
    : United States
    : Pittsburgh, PA
  • 08/1991 to 05/1995
    : Carnegie Mellon Univeristy
    : B.S. in Mechanical Engineering
    : United States
    : Pittsburgh, PA
Career History
  • 05/2009 to 12/2099
    : Founder and Present
    : United States
    : Pittsburgh, PA
  • 04/2006 to 04/2009
    : Global Product Manager
    : not defined
    : United States
    : Murrysville, PA
  • N/A to N/A
    : Director of Marketing and Business
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