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Specializing in creditor law, William Nixon, OKC attorney, serves as the CEO, president and sole shareholder of Love, Beal & Nixon P.C.
With more than 25 years’ worth of professional experience, William Nixon, OKC professional, serves as an exemplary member of the legal field. As the CEO, president and sole shareholder of Love, Beal & Nixon P.C., Nixon works to look after consumer rights and protection. With a strong understanding of the law and local legal operations in Oklahoma, the team at Love, Beal & Nixon P.C. has gained a strong reputation for specializing in debt collection issues with integrity and compassion.

While having led many ventures and projects throughout his career, Nixon remains focused on growing his practice and setting an example in consumer rights by enforcing the importance of strong work ethics within the legal field. Currently, he believes that there are tremendous obstacles facing consumers in terms of wide-ranging regulation and compliance changes—especially those directed at legal practices. As such, Nixon carries out his work with a strong understanding of current, past and changing federal regulations, and is adept in utilizing complex legal strategies to optimize results for his clients.

Although William,is known in his local community for his strong attachment to consumer rights and the legal profession, he is also recognized as a passionate family man and recreation enthusiast. During his time away from work, he enjoys amateur photography and supporting his children’s high school sports activities—often combining these two passions to deliver professional snapshots of athletic achievements. Nixon is also an avid athlete who enjoys clay sport shooting and golf in his free time.
William Nixon, OKC attorney, has gained respect as an attorney specializing in creditor law at Love, Beal & Nixon P.C.; however, his career has involved several other academic and professional accomplishments that have further augmented his ability to serve clients with a strong, diverse skill set.

Although William was born in Amarillo, Texas, he has spent most of his life in Oklahoma, making the state his home. After graduating from Del City High School in Del City, Oklahoma, he knew that he wanted to pursue higher education as a way to advance his career. As such, he enrolled in the University of Oklahoma. Remaining inspired by his peers and professors, Nixon graduated with a BBA in petroleum land management in 1982.

While majoring in a field related to the oil and gas industry may not seem at all related to his current legal endeavors, he believes this initial start in his career gave him many skills that he continues to rely on today. After graduating from the University of Oklahoma, he went on to become a land manager for an oil company.

This position allowed him to develop his people skills, as relationship development is integral to success. Today, William Nixon, OKC attorney, continues to utilize his strengths in building professional relationships as a way to learn about his clients and serve them with effective professionalism. In addition, land management exposed Nixon to a highly regulated industry, allowing him to gain a sense of just how critical a role federal and state regulations play in business development. While these regulations are different in many ways, he still appreciates these stipulations on a daily basis throughout his representation in creditor law.

Inspired by the legal profession, William Nixon, OKC resident, returned to his alma mater when he was accepted into the University of Oklahoma Law School. This education proved instrumental in his desires to advance in the legal field, and served as motivation for him to start working in the industry well before he graduated with his law degree in 1988.

During his first year of law school, he started his career from the ground up, serving as a law clerk at what was then known as Love, Beal, Brooks & Feiler. Although far from the duties he fulfills today, this position allowed him to become intimate with the firm that he has transformed over the years.

Once he graduated from the law school in 1988, he became a shareholder at the firm in which he worked. At that time, Nixon changed the firm’s name to Love, Beal & Nixon P.C., which it continues to hold today. Having served the firm for many years, he eventually became the sole shareholder of this successful practice in June of 2011. Having risen from law clerk to sole shareholder is just one of the many ways that Nixon has demonstrated his love for the legal field, his practice and the clients this firm represents.

Over the years, William Nixon, OKC professional, has remained an integral part of both the legal community and the local community where has built his career and his family. Today, he holds memberships with the Oklahoma Bar Association, the National Association of Retail Collection Attorneys, and the Oklahoma County Bar Association.

Although leading a legal practice that specializes in debt collection services, he has maintained a strong understanding and appreciation of consumer rights. He has believed that while consumer rights have changed greatly over the years, it is incredibly important to understand the role of the consumer—particularly those who face challenges in debt. Instead of advancing the adversarial image that many debt collection firms hold, William has developed his team to provide a more consumer-friendly atmosphere that allows for a more mutually beneficial outcome for all parties involved in collection affairs.
Having proven dedicated to the law firm of Love, Beal & Nixon P.C. for more than 25 years, William Nixon, OKC attorney, plans on continuing to represent this forward-moving practice. With a focus on creditor law, he believes it is crucial for he and his colleagues to remain focused on the rapidly changing nature of consumer rights in the United States. He believes that future trends in consumer rights will vastly impact the way his firm represents clients and delivers desirable outcomes.

Attuned to the changes of federal and state regulations—and the important role they play in creditor law and debt collection—Nixon stays concentrated on updates delivered by key organizations, such as the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau. Although he notes that sweeping regulations in the industry are not uncommon, the economic conditions, consumer debt struggles and financial instability faced by American citizens is likely to continue to push new measures in consumer rights and collection law.

Nixon notes that debt collection reform is always at the forefront of his business operations and the strategies his team uses to represent clients in a compliant fashion. While many firms face struggles to meet these regulations, he combines his passion for positive work ethic, details and efficiency to provide consumer-friendly compliance in retail and debt collection matters.

Taking note of these struggles, William Nixon, OKC resident, plans on expanding the practice of Love, Beal & Nixon P.C. beyond Oklahoma. Specifically, he hopes to direct the firm to expand its client base by following regulations both in terms of federal and state law. Through these measures, Nixon aims to have his firm develop a strong presence in five states in the U.S.

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  • University of Oklahoma College of Law , United States , Norman, Oklahoma

    08/1984 - 05/1988
  • University of Oklahoma , United States , Norman, Oklahoma

    BBA in Petroleum Land Management
    08/1978 - 05/1982
  • Del City High School , United States , Del City, Oklahoma

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    Senior Project Manager @ Wipro
  • CEO and President , United States , Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

    to 12/2099
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