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Willard Thompson is a software developer and an e-commerce expert at UTC Aerospace Systems who is committed to improving this country’s technological and defense capabilities.
Willard Thompson has over 14 years of experience as a software developer and an e-commerce specialist. He currently works for UTC Aerospace Systems. Mr. Thompson has also devoted much of his time to developing improved software systems that can help UTC clients to make better purchasing decisions.

UTC Aerospace Systems

UTC Aerospace Systems is a global leader in aerospace and defense products. The company creates and manufactures innovative software systems and hardware components that help to operate military aircrafts, helicopters, and passenger planes. Many of the components that are produced at UTC are also used in some of this country’s most cutting-edge space exploration technology.

UTC Aerospace Systems came about as a result of a merger between the Hamilton Sundstrand and the Goodrich corporations. These two technological giants are noted for their involvement with the Apollo 11 project, which resulted in the historic and legendary moon landing. Both of these companies helped to design components of the astronauts’ space suits as well as other life sustaining technologies used on the spacecraft itself.

Thompson’s personal commitment

Willard Thompson is thoroughly committed to advancing the field of aerospace software platforms. This exciting new area of technology has advanced immeasurably in the last 100 years and is sure to continue pushing the limits of the human imagination. UTC Aerospace Systems has made air and space travel much safer and much more cost-effective. In addition, Thompson and his colleagues have given our military greater national defense capabilities.
Willard Thompson began his education and training in the United States Coast Guard early on and has been a dedicated military man for the majority of his life. He enlisted in August of 1993 and completed his boot camp duties in Cape May, New Jersey. He was first stationed in Wilmington, North Carolina aboard the Coast Cutter Diligence (WMEC 616), and he spent much of his time on the open ocean.

While aboard his ship, Willard Thompson was committed to serving his country and would venture out into the rough waters for nearly a week at a time, never seeing land even once. His only break from the sea would come when his ship would pull into a port for fuel. Willard visited much of the Caribbean during his time away from land.

Rescuing migrants

Some of Willard Thompson’s proudest moments in the United States Coast Guard were when he and his team bravely rescued migrant workers who were attempting the dangerous voyage from Cuba or Haiti to the United States. Many of these individuals were traveling in rafts or poorly constructed boats and would have surely died had they not received assistance. Willard remembers moments when he went without sleep for nearly 60 hours because there were so many people who needed rescuing. This experience has given him a very sympathetic outlook on life.

Baltimore, Maryland

In July of 1995, Willard Thompson was transferred to the Coast Guard Yard at Baltimore, Maryland. While there he spent most of his time on land, patrolling the base around the clock. Living onshore again allowed him to begin his academic career at Anne Arundel Community College, which is located near Annapolis, Maryland.

Anne Arundel Community College

Anne Arundel Community College is a fully accredited, high-achieving school that helps its students to begin successful careers in a many disciplines. This wonderful institution offers knowledgeable faculty and staff, as well as many opportunities to further one’s professional interests. Anne Arundel Community College is the alma mater of many individuals who have served in the United States Coast Guard.

Willard Thompson’s awards and honors

While in the United States Coast Guard, Mr. Thompson achieved the following medals, ribbons, and recognitions:

• A Coast Guard Meritorious Unit Commendation ribbon, with a Gold Star
• A Coast Guard Expert Rifle medal
• A Coast Guard Marksman ribbon
• A Coast Guard Good Conduct medal
• A Commandant's Letter of Commendation ribbon
• A National Defense Service medal
• An Armed Forces Expeditionary medal
• A Secretary's Outstanding Unit Award
• A Coast Guard Sea Service ribbon

The University of Phoenix

The University of Phoenix is a unique and innovative online educational institution that allows students to earn nationally accredited degrees in a variety of subjects. Internet-based schools are a growing trend in the United States. More and more students are discovering the convenience and affordability of completing a degree though the Internet. Mr. Thompson is a part-time faculty member of the University of Phoenix and has fallen in love with this remarkable educational facility’s bold new outlook on learning.

The University of Phoenix has its headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona, but allows learners from nearly all 50 states to enroll in courses. This school offers two-year certificates as well as four-year degrees. Masters degrees and doctorates are also available in certain fields of study. Because a majority of their lectures and assessments are administered through the Internet, online higher learning institutes like The University of Phoenix allow students to essentially attend class whenever they like. This remarkable flexibility also makes it possible for those who already have jobs to change careers or to continue their coursework.

Although online universities may have once suffered a negative stigma, public opinion concerning their credibility is quickly changing. The University of Phoenix actually boasts many famous and high-achieving alumni. There is no doubt that this school will continue to boost enrollment rates in the near future.

Thompson’s passion for teaching

Willard Thompson finds the experience of teaching at the University of Phoenix quite invigorating. It is very rewarding to have the opportunity to share his passion for software development and technology with some of this country’s finest young minds. Willard, like many teachers, feels that his students are at times his greatest teachers. Their questions and curiosities constantly inspire him to think outside of the box.

Software architecture

Willard also teaches a class in software architecture. His curriculum covers many subjects within this discipline; however, it is mostly focused on the design aspect of software development. Thompson finds that most of his pupils are interested in better understanding the proper timeline for implementing their new designs into software coding.

Willard’s research and publications

Mr. Thompson has published many articles on the subject of software development and technology. He enjoys using the written word and his wealth of professional experience to enlighten others on a subject that many people find elusive. Willard has also devoted much of his time to research.

Mr. Thompson’s community involvement

Willard is very committed to his church as well as many other charitable organizations. He relishes the opportunity to give back to his community. During his time in the United States Coast Guard, he faced the risk of death almost every day. This experience instilled within him a strong desire to help as many people as possible.

Willard’s love of technology

Computer technology is not only Willard Thompson’s career, it is also his avocation. When he is not traveling, working, or spending time with his family, he enjoys tinkering with new inventions and experiment with new types of computer programming. It is this deep love of his craft that has inspired him to achieve great things in the world of computers.

Willard supports the military

Thompson has never forgotten his Coast Guard service. It was his military experience that helped him to discover his passion for software design and computer technology. It is a great privilege for Willard Thompson to use his knowledge and critical thinking skills to help to create programs that benefit the Department of Defense.
As an employee of UTC Aerospace Systems, Willard Thompson is currently working with some of the most cutting-edge technology that this country has ever seen. There is no question that software will eventually operate nearly every aspect of our lives. IT professionals are sure to focus most of their future efforts on producing higher quality and more cost-effective operating systems.

Improved navigation systems

It is already mind-blowing to consider just how advanced our current automated navigation systems are; however, they exist as a mere shadow of the innovation yet to come. UTC Aerospace Systems is on the brink of designing new forms of technology that can more accurately guide planes and spacecrafts.

The future of defense

Unfortunately, the future national security of this country is somewhat uncertain. We need the capability to defend ourselves in times of war and crisis more than ever. UTC Aerospace Systems seeks to keep our citizens and soldiers safer by implementing new technologies and design components that make military helicopters and planes much easier to fly and land.

The future of space exploration

At some point in the near future, public space travel will become a reality. In order to bring about this change as quickly as possible, we will need better spacecrafts. UTC Aerospace Systems is currently hard at work, dreaming up the next generation of flying objects.

Mr. Thompson’s contribution

Willard Thompson has a bright future at UTC Aerospace Systems. With more than 14 years of experience in his field, he is helping his colleagues to redefine software capabilities for a wide range of aviation technology. Future astronauts and space explorers will have pioneers like Willard to thank when they walk with ease over the surface of the moon or perhaps even other planets of our solar system.

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