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11/09/2020 @ 09:04 am

SOC Management | The it's personal review is from a current employee. (DISCLAIMER: Glassdoor does not allow specific job titles in reviews unless they are public facing jobs. I have edited my review broadly describe the positions in question. If you work in the SOC these person(s) will be your direct management) P.S. I have audio of the verbal abuse outlined in this review. Management can write all the positive reviews they want but we both know what is real. The SOC Upper Management has no security experience(Finance background). SOC Middle Management is insecure and reports directly to SOC upper management. SOC Middle Management will have daily conversations with SOC Upper Management which typically includes problems the individual is having (which of course should be normal but the individual does not communicate with their employees about things that are bothering said individual. You end up getting a large piece of feedback all at once from the Upper Management individual in a very negative way. Personal Experience (Anecdotal). I was told that I was asking too many questions and that I was not completing projects. I was told to "Submit to my authority or be fired" after asking for instances where I was asking too many questions. The SOC Upper Management nor the SOC Middle Management could give me examples of this happening. I asked my Low Level Management (gave me all of my projects) for critiques and feedback to which they obliged.The Individual gave one piece of feedback in which my accuracy with SOC related tasks would diminish with high volume. (I totally agree with this) otherwise, the individual stated I have done everything asked of me to a satisfactory level. The SOC Upper Management found out about me asking for feedback from the SOC Low Level Management and threatened to fire me again and said "I will get you all of your feedback and deliver it to you, you are not to ask for it". The SOC has a very high turnover rate but is written off as "People are leaving for more money or career advancement". This not the case most of the time. You could be praised for a few weeks and suddenly threatened to be fired for something that you did not do. Be prepared for a Game of Thrones style environment in which one day you are part of a cohesive team and then the next day you find out that management has issues with you and will actively stonewall you ie; (You will never be anything but an analyst at Zyston). Upper SOC Management actively stonewalls people that they feel they have issues with. If you get on the wrong side of the SOC Upper Management the individual will threaten you with your job on a monthly/weekly basis and tell you that you are not performing when he praised you for work the week before. The individual feels they have no responsibility to provide any proof or instances of said bad performance because of their title or position and will become defensive when you ask for it. Most of the people hired are friends of the SOC Middle Management from a former company which normally would be fine if favoritism wasn't involved. Work Life Balance can be bad, ie; (Solo SOC analyst for 12 hour shifts with a large amount of customers) Working on documents or processes in your free time is looked down upon. I created a document for the SOC which we did not have that would benefit change management (which was approved by leads), but when showing management I asked "why are you wasting time on this, stop working on stuff we don't need". Mind you I worked on this in my free time...(After work hours)... Do not accept an analyst job here with the promise from Management that you will be either promoted or get to move into a position that you wanted instead IE; Security Engineer etc. I was hired as an analyst with the agreement that I would transition to security engineer within 6 months. When the SOC Upper Management started to have problems they would hold it over my head and eventually told me I would never be anything but an Analyst. (This has happened to another individual as well)

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