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Bart Sweazea is an experienced oil and gas professional who currently explores new possibilities in the energy industry as the owner of Pangean Energy, LLC in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas.
As the owner of Pangean Energy, LLC, Bart Sweazea is a dedicated professional who remains focused on exploring lucrative and sustainable possibilities within the oil and gas industries. As an industry professional who is focused on the scientific elements of drilling, he continues to employ direct observance of geological history to determine the perfect conditions and sites for procuring these essential natural resources.
Having experienced years within the oil and gas field, Sweazea has established Pangean Energy, LLC as a frontrunner in energy investment opportunities. Specifically, this company delivers investment opportunities through direct oil and gas participation programs. These programs continue to prove ideal both for Pangean Energy and investors, as they provide an opportunity for participating individuals to benefit from unique tax incentives related to drilling. In addition, Pangean Energy remains focused on pursuing opportunities that expand opportunities for increased potential cash flow.
Bart Sweazea explains that this approach to oil and gas investment is critical in today’s market, as it allows investors to curb negative effects of the recently depressed economy. For instance, he explains that these energy investments not only diversify portfolios, but also gain more strength by supporting commodities that continue to drive heavy rates of consumer demand.
Today, Pangean Energy, LLC welcomes interested investors to participate in this unique opportunity to benefit from one of the most distinctive and powerful industries in the global economy. With the help of investors, Pangean Energy, LLC continues to pursue new projects and beneficial programs that not only employ green drilling and other eco-friendly matters, but also extensive scientific research processes that help provide greater assuredness in regards to return on investment.
Today, Bart Sweazea is recognized as the owner of the progressive Pangean Energy oil and gas investment company; however, it is important to note that this professional has been engaged in this industry since his days as a young professional. As a young adult, he broke into the oil and gas industry as a broker. With a strong passion for the positive direction and impact of the energy industry within the United States, Sweazea achieved considerable success as a broker. Believing in the industry and products it provided, he was quickly recognized as a professional with strong sales abilities.
As a broker, Bart Sweazea became familiar with the risks and opportunities that oil and gas drilling offered to investors and other professionals within the industry. For example, during his initial years in the industry, Sweazea discovered that many companies had trouble securing wells that produced solid amounts of commodities. While these trends made it difficult to pitch the investment opportunity associated with oil and gas, he found that with the right approach and strategy, drilling companies and partnerships could develop a strong business plan that would prove attractive to investors.
From an economic perspective, Bart remained intrigued by this high-risk industry as it could provide a solid return—especially for passive income—and offer 100 percent tax deductible incentives. Still, he understood that it was essential to determine how to achieve these financial rewards while simultaneously minimizing the risk involved with unproductive, or dry, wells. As such, he began to develop his professional skills and started to discover the geological and other scientific components involved with achieving success in oil and gas exploration.
Through extensive research and preparation, Bart Sweazea took a step that not many entrepreneurs can claim—he began drilling his own wells with success. As a result of these efforts, his hard work paid off and he was offered employment in drilling fieldwork. Through these experiences, Sweazea assembled a strong and talented team who worked on the “backyard” of an oil rig. Under his leadership, the team was quickly recognized for drilling great wells extremely fast. In fact, Sweazea and his team never missed a well in the Barnett Shale.
After spending more than a decade working in the field, Bart Sweazea decided to once again take another risk that has proven to pay off—starting his own company. The creation of Pangean Energy, LLC is noted as one of his greatest accomplishments, as it has demonstrated his capacity as a business leader, as well as an expert within the competitive energy industry. Over the years, he has carefully gathered a team of expert oil and gas industry professionals and continues to lead drilling opportunities with employees who are at the top of their game across the board. Carrying on his legacy of his early drilling days, Sweazea and Pangean Energy, LLC are noted for hitting all the wells that they set out for.
The History of Drilling
According to Bart Sweazea, history plays an incredibly important role when finding success in oil and gas drilling projects. From a scientific standpoint, he explains that it is essential to understand the nature of geological history—such as the development, expansion and evolution of Pangaea. Understanding how the skeletal system of the Earth’s surface has developed throughout the ages—well before humankind existed—is key to understanding what regions are prime for fruitful wells and rapid production of essential commodities.
While his extensive knowledge of geological history has allowed him to discover successful drilling opportunities as the leader of Pangean Energy, LLC, he says that an understanding of modern industry is also critical. At Pangean Energy, Bart and his team are fully-versed in the history of drilling techniques and what faults—and benefits—such technologies and processes have delivered over the years.
In comprehending the evolution of oil and gas resources throughout the past century and beyond, Bart Sweazea and the Pangean Energy team are able to pursue technologies and processes that are progressive and offer greater potential over previous forms of exploration and drilling.
As the Pangean Energy team continues to discover productive wells at an incredible rate, Bart Sweazea is confident that the oil and gas industry will continue to prove fruitful for years to come. From an investment standpoint, Sweazea believes that there is great opportunity for individuals to secure diverse portfolios that are backed by solid returns in a high-demand industry. While Pangean Energy, LLC offers incredible opportunities to investors in the oil and gas drilling space, Sweazea explains that there are other important reasons to support this industry and stimulate its progress.
For example, Sweazea highlights the importance of the oil and gas industry and its role within the United States economy. From an employment perspective alone, it is clear that the industry provides an exceptional amount of jobs throughout the country. Not only does this industry create jobs within the energy space alone, but it is a direct factor in encouraging employment in many other industries as well. In terms of the national economy, he explains that supporting oil and gas drilling projects is important, as greater discoveries of commodities is crucial to establishing energy independence in America.
Should America’s foreign relations become jeopardized in the future, today’s oil and gas exploration efforts will provide consumers with necessary energy resources and establish greater economic security within the global market.
Although there have been some concerns raised about the eco-friendly qualities of modern oil and gas drilling, Bart Sweazea encourages all consumers and investors to educate themselves on the truth of this industry and its environmental impact. Pangean Energy, LLC, for instance, partners with the best fracking specialists in the market, utilizing fully green chemicals to ensure greater environmental protection within the energy space.

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  • The University of Texas at Austin , United States , Austin, Tx

    01/1993 - 01/1994
  • Cedar Valley College , United States , Dallas, Texas

    History, English, Physics, Music
    01/1992 - 01/1993
  • Trinity Valley Community College , United States , Athens, Texas

    English, Math, Psychology
    01/1990 - 01/1991
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  • President & Owner , United States , Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas
    to 12/2099
  • , Birmingham ,

    MIS Analyst Team Lead, VP -- BBVA
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