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Dean Elliott is a leader in the oil and gas industry and is the owner of Dino Operating LLC, based in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.
With more than 35 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, Dean Elliott delivers a comprehensive knowledge and skill set to the market. As the owner of Dino Operating LLC—an oil and gas industry services company based in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas—Elliott continues to pursue new trends and opportunities in the independent energy field.
As the American economy has recently improved due to new discoveries in domestic oil and gas, he is excited to deliver a wide range of skills and services to help drive the industry forward.
Dino Operating LLC is involved in a myriad of oil and gas operations, allowing Dean to lead as a top consultant in the field. He is credited with a strong capacity to navigate mergers and acquisitions in the energy industry, as well as develop reliable infrastructures for business operations.
Throughout his career, Dean Elliott has amassed expertise in drilling exploration, mergers and acquisitions, enhanced oil recovery and many other topics related to oil and gas development. Built off this impressive background, Dino Operating also specializes in shallow drilling as well as oil field refurbishing.
Possessing a complete understanding of how the oil and gas industry has evolved over the past three decades, he relies upon cutting-edge technologies and proven methods to enhance all drilling operations. With a forward focus on drilling methods and technologies, Dino Operating is currently credited with a unique focus on microbial technology. Working with small independent operators and keeping a finger on the pulse of the industry, Elliott aims to reduce risk and deliver results in all business opportunities.
Dean Elliott leads Dino Operating LLC with more than three decades’ worth of experience in the competitive yet rewarding oil and gas industry. Focusing on independent oil and gas production, he has followed a unique career path exposing him to many different areas of the industry. Dean is regarded as a leading expert in the field who is able to pinpoint exciting drilling operations and serve as an industry consultant for small independent producers.
To truly understand the value that he brings to his clients in the oil and gas industry, it is important to take a look at the many accomplishments and positions he has held throughout his diverse career.
Dean entered the oil and gas industry through his position at Tesoro Petroleum from 1979 to 1984. Now recognized as one of the United States’ leading independent refiners and marketers within the market, Tesoro Petroleum presented Elliott with an excellent opportunity to become familiar with the business side of oil and gas. Specifically, he served as a crude oil buyer specializing in the Crude Oil Marketing and Trading sector.
Having built a background as a buyer, Dean was able to become intimate with the strategies and processes involved with spearheading new business opportunities in oil and gas. Today, Dean Elliott continues to utilize this knowledge as a consultant at Dino Operating LLC.
While serving five years as a crude oil buyer, he transitioned into a new role as a business leader, shaping his confidence in the industry to lead comprehensive development and operation opportunities. In 1980, Elliott launched Dino Operating LLC, which has remained a privately held independent energy company since.
Serving small producers in oil and gas and offering a range of services in consultative services, he has maintained Dino Operating LLC as a relevant leader in this competitive space. As president and owner of Dino Operating, Dean has not only offered his own comprehensive expertise to navigate challenges of his clients, but he has also introduced innovative solutions in the industry.
In addition, he has displayed strong management and business leadership skills at Dino Operating, where he has been responsible for overseeing diverse teams and staff members. Able to introduce strong employees to the oil and gas services market, Dean Elliott developed a passion for educating individuals on the history and current progress in the oil and gas market.
Today, he continues to represent a strong desire to increase awareness about the oil and gas industry. Staying tuned into current affairs and transitions in the domestic—as well as global—oil and gas market, he continues to utilize Dino Operating LLC as a way to not only serve the industry, but also keep colleagues, investors and professionals informed on the latest happenings in independent energy.
While offering a vast array of in-depth consultative, business management and development services at Dino Operating LLC, Dean Elliott has also maintained a strong position as an entrepreneur within the oil and gas market. As such, he has remained the president and owner of various oil and gas companies—primarily in the Dallas region—since 1990. For nearly 25 years, Dean has steered these companies toward success by holding a strong focus on the acquisition and development of key oil and gas properties.
With an expansive understanding of drilling technologies, business operations and exploration methods, these various companies have thrived under the guidance of Dean Elliott, further exemplifying his value to the industry as a consultant and thought leader.
While focusing on his career in the oil and gas market and advancing the nature of the industry, he has also taken efforts as a philanthropist and community citizen. In addition to promoting responsible business practices, particularly in the independent energy space, Dean has focused on various causes that he believes are integral to the well-being of society.
Throughout his career, Dean has been recognized for contributing and supporting cancer research, as well as a strong advocate and donor for the SPCA.
As a veteran in the oil and gas industry, Dean Elliott plans on continuing to offer the wide range of consultative, management and explorative services available through Dino Operating LLC. Through his undying effort to seek the latest trends and technologies, Dean aims to deliver the best methods and solutions to his clients. In addition, he looks forward to advancing the various oil and gas companies he owns today in response to current events and developments within the industry.
Elliott believes that while the oil and gas industry has experienced several ups and downs over the past few years, there is a lot of opportunity presented by this challenging yet essential market. Understanding that oil and gas commodities are not only important to economic success, but also energy independence in the United States, he supports growth of this viable market.
For instance, Elliott is focused on the new opportunity presented by the oil and gas industry in terms of employment. With recent reports showing that oil and gas producers have created a multitude of new jobs, he encourages many budding professionals to pursue the opportunities that this unique and rewarding career field offers. In his effort to educate the public and other figures on the developments of the oil and gas industry, Dean hopes to inspire more individuals to pursue progress, innovation and success for the American energy market.
Believing that U.S. drilling opportunities will continue to flourish with new technological advancement and discoveries, Dean Elliott has confidence in the fact that America has a strong capacity to break away from dependence on foreign oil and achieve greater economic and political stability through domestic resources.

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  • The University of Texas at Austin , United States , Austin, Texas

    Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Political Science and Government
    08/1972 - 05/1975
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  • President , United States , Dallas, Texas

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    01/1990 to 12/2099
  • President , United States , Dallas, Texas

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    01/1980 to 12/2099
  • Crude Oil Buyer , United States , San Antonio, Texas

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    01/1979 to 01/1984
  • Owner , United States , Dallas, Texas

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    to 12/2099
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