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KarylEugene Harkins

United States
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Karyl Eugene Harkins is a respected homeopathic healer and a scientific expert.

Karyl Eugene Harkins—also known as Dr. Gene Harkins, PhD (not a medical doctor or naturopathic physician) —is one of the foremost names in homeopathic healing, currently operating his own practice in the Salt Lake City area. He possesses both a Doctor of Philosophy in Traditional Natural Health and a long-standing zest for science; moreover, he has developed a true passion for, and knowledge of, the ways in which natural herbs and dietary supplements can help the body heal, without having to resort to invasive and potentially dangerous or addictive drugs. He is an ordained minister in the Universal Life Church, something that emphasizes the compassion and the holistic approach he is known for.

Dr. Harkins, PhD has worked in the field of homeopathic medicine for a number of years, following a season devoted to scientific inquiry, and he is the founder of the Salt Lake Homeopathy LC group. Here he consults with patients and also recommends the best natural and dietary treatment options, many of which he is able to sell on-site.

He is a respected professional within his field, and enjoys membership in a number of reputable professional organizations. These include the National Center for Homeopathy and the American Association for the Advancement of Science, both of which rank among the most recognizable organizations for homeopathic healing professionals

Karyl is devoted to his work, but he also has some deep and abiding interests outside the office, including music, science, and sports. As for the latter, Dr. Harkins, PhD loves Olympic-style fencing, and has fenced in tournaments both local and international. He founded the Salt Lake Fencing Club, now known as the Utah Swords Academy Fencing Club.

Karyl Eugene Harkins is a foremost name in the practice of homeopathic healing. As such, he offers consultations to patients and clients, assessing the true causes of their physical and mental maladies and pointing them toward natural, often dietary remedies that can get them on the right path toward healing—without the need for invasive, addictive, and potentially dangerous or side effect-inducing drugs. He is an educator and a healer rolled into one, and loves to enlighten people about the difference that homeopathy can make in their lives.

Because of his convictions regarding holistic and natural medicine—convictions that stem from scientific inquiry as well as personal experiences with Native American healing herbs—Karyl advocates for a number of nutritional remedies and herbal cures, helping with a range of ailments. He also sells many such products via his business in Salt Lake City.

Karyl, who is also known as Gene, was born and raised as the oldest of four children in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Born in 1950, he was brought into a long line of auto mechanics, but chose from the age of four not to go into the family business. Even then, his mind was occupied with science, medicine, and the workings of the human mind and body.

In fact, it was from an early age that Harkins began to read books by Sigmund Freud, Albert Einstein, and various scientists and astrophysicists, developing his interest in scientific inquiry. In New Mexico he was exposed to Native American culture, including Native American medicine and the use of natural healing herbs—all of which points toward what he does now, as a homeopathic healer.

In his early teens, a young Karyl Eugene Harkins had chemistry sets that spread across three walls of his bedroom, and he became obsessed with the production of different chemical compounds. His scientific interests soon came to encompass electrical projects; these included the first homemade radio using gallium crystals, paper roll, coated wire and a safety pin to broadcasting television signals and receiving it over a laser beam. He also put his mechanical and scientific mind to work fixing cars, doing this to raise money.

During the 1960s, there was an ongoing cultural obsession not just with mysticism and with natural medicine, but also with Native American culture—all of which fed into young Karyl’s growing obsessions. New Mexico offered much philosophical development and exposure to natural remedies and their applications. He immersed himself in this world and became increasingly convinced that the way forward, for him, was in homeopathic healing.

His personal life also developed in some exciting ways. In 1972, Karyl Eugene Harkins married Victoria Pollock and moved to Utah after the two of them became members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Today, the two of them have a pair of children and also two grandkids; Karyl continues to be deeply spiritual, and is ordained in the Universal Life Church.

From there, he pursued a long and storied career in the sciences before he elected to get even more serious about homeopathy as a profession. Over the span of a few years, Dr. Harkins, PhD earned a B.S. Natural Health, an M.S. Natural Health, a Doctor of Natural Health, and a Doctor in Philosophy in Traditional Natural Health, with a heavy concentration on homeopathy. Karyl Eugene Harkins opened Salt Lake Homeopathy in 2002 and continues to work toward advancing the cause of natural, drugless medicine within his home state and the rest of the country.

Karyl boasts many patents, a list of awards, and several noteworthy publications. All of this points to his ultimate authority within his field, but also to the passion he has for science—and for helping people lead healthier lives.

Already, Karyl Eugene Harkins has accomplished much in his life, both personally and professionally—however Dr. Harkins has many curiosities still to explore. He also has a number of goals and objectives, including goals for his personal life as well as for his homeopathic healing business.

As for the professional goals of Karyl, he relishes the opportunities he has to help his patients lead better and healthier lives, and wants to have more and more of those opportunities opened up for him. Dr. Harkins, PhD. wants to continue working as a homeopathic healer, and to propel Salt Lake Homeopathy as far as it will go within the local community.

There are some specific ways in which he wants to see this happen. His favorite part of his work is the educational component, and he hopes to engage in more of this. He loves to instruct and to enlighten his clients on what homeopathic healing can do in their lives. He hopes to make this an increasingly big focus of his practice.

Karyl Eugene Harkins has other projects, too, including a scientific book that he is completing and patents he hopes to file for. He also hopes to continue pursuing excellence in fencing, and to take the gold in his age group at the fencing nationals.

  • N/A to 01/2001
    : Clayton College of Natural Health
    : B.S. Natural Health
    : United States
    : Birmingham, Alabama
  • N/A to 01/2001
    : Clayton College Natural Health
    : Homeopathy
    : United States
    : Birmingham, Alabama
  • N/A to 01/2002
    : Internationale Gesellschaft für Homotoxikologie
    : Homotoxicology
    : United States
  • N/A to 01/2004
    : Westbrook University
    : Homeopathy and Homotoxicolgy
    : United States
    : Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • N/A to 01/2007
    : Universal Life Church Monastery
    : Doctor of Divinity
    : United States
    : Salt Lake City, Utah
  • N/A to 01/2011
    : Clayton College of Natural Health
    : Doctor in Philosophy in Traditional Naturopathy
    : United States
    : Birmingham, Alabama
Career History
  • 01/2014 to 12/2099
    : Homeopathy
    : United States
    : United States Holladay, Utah
  • 02/2002 to 01/2014
    : Homeopath
    : not defined
    : United States
    : Salt Lake City, Utah
  • 01/1997 to 02/2002
    : Founder and Officer
    : not defined
    : United States
  • N/A to N/A
    : Location London, United Kingdom
Core Competencies
  • Homeopathy
  • Homotoxicolgy
  • Healthcare
  • Medicine
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