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Juan Carlos Bertini is a results-driven financial executive with strong operational focus, enterprise-wide perspective and an extensive branded consumer goods background. He is a proven partner to C-Suite executives, providing conceptual and strategic thinking to optimize operations and generate enterprise value. Juan Carlos possesses unique financial acumen and learning agility, enhanced by 3 years of Management Consulting experience and 14 years of progressive management roles at HJ Heinz and Del Monte Foods. He demonstrates an effective leadership style which attracts, inspires, and develops high performing enterprise talent.
Juan Carlos Bertini is an experienced veteran in the financial planning industry and has also had a vast career in the consumer goods trade. He also has experience with a large number of interests and hobbies on the side that he pursues just as passionately as his business.

Juan at Work

Juan Carlos Bertini has turned a career in financial planning and analysis spanning over 17 years into a solid and invaluable asset for many different companies. After graduating university and working his way up the corporate ladder at Del Monte, Juan has obtained an impressive number of skills. These include the following:

● Financial Strategies
● Financial Analysis
● Financial Plans
● Financial Models
● Strategic Partnerships
● Strategic Sourcing
● Manufacturing Operation
● Management Consulting
● Business Plans
● Activity Based Costing
● Public Speaking
● Team Building
● Problem Solving
● Global Sourcing
● Leadership
● Persuasive Presentation
● And More

Juan uses these skills in his practice as a financial planning consultant to a variety of different companies. He works in conjunction with company CFOs to develop and instate better strategic financial business plans in order to drive the company further along toward its goals. His planning system work has even earned him a review from IBM.

Juan at Play

Outside of finances, Juan also enjoys photography, at which he is quickly becoming an expert. Much of his work now appears in public galleries. His favorite styles are landscapes, animals, and portraits, and he claims that people and nature are his most photographed subjects.

In addition, Juan enjoys skiing, hiking, and traveling the world.
Juan Carlos Bertini built the expert financial credentials that he holds today through a career spanning more than 14 years in the financial planning and consumer goods industry.


Juan Carlos Bertini enrolled in Boston University in 1992 where he joined the School of Management. He graduated just four short years later in 1996 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration with a focus on Finance and International Management.

Boston University’s School of Management offered Juan an excellent foothold in the financial industry. For close to 100 years (they will celebrate their centennial anniversary this September), the BU School of Management has been a pioneer in its field in terms of education. The School was a main force behind the move of management education programs from past management models based solely on operations and finance to the current day model of integrating network-based management into contemporary solutions. They were also one of the very first management schools in the country to admit female students and institute more specific educational curricula to address health care and nonprofit management. This is all on top of their early founding of research institutes and their teaching of entrepreneurial studies before it was an officially recognized field of education.

After obtaining his BSBA degree, Juan earned the rest of his skills and knowledge on the job, starting immediately after his graduation from the University. His hands-on experience with the financial world and significant responsibilities as he rose through the financial ranks tempered his formal education with real world financial practices and invaluable skills that he would carry with him into each subsequent career position as he went.

Work Experience

Juan Carlos Bertini wasted no time entering the work force after graduating from college. In the autumn of 1996, degree in hand, Juan joined Price Waterhouse Coopers, an assurance and audit company that helps out industries by offering consultation and tax services. Juan started here in the position of Management Consultant, where he led business advisory and financial consulting services. In addition to these duties, Juan also presided over process re-engineering and activity based costing.

Juan worked with Price Waterhouse Coopers for three years before joining the H.J. Heinz Company in 1999 as a Senior Financial Analyst for the financial team of Starkist Seafood. In this capacity, Juan acted as a key liaison to several different manufacturing locations for the company around the world including American Samoa, Thailand, and Juan’s previous home of Ecuador. Juan was also responsible for the development of new products and in financial planning and analysis.

Then, in the summer of 2002, Juan Carlos Bertini began working for Del Monte Foods as a Manager of Finance. Within a few years, Juan was promoted to the Senior Manager of Finance thanks to his already-impressive financial experience and expertise. As a financial manager, Juan worked with the Consumer Brands finance team on responsibilities that totaled approximately $1 billion in value. These included many big named consumer goods brands including private label soup businesses, private label infant feeding businesses, and the Starkist brand of packaged tuna. Juan’s individual duties included financial reporting and planning for five major company manufacturing and co-manufacturing locations around the world.

After four years here, Juan Carlos Bertini was promoted in 2006 to the Director of Finance position, putting him in charge of the financial planning and analysis for the department’s 18 different manufacturing locations that totaled over $1 billion in manufacturing functions. This was on top of the financial strategy leadership that Juan provided for Del Monte’s pet snacks brands, which measured in at approximately $500 million. Juan measured the everyday aspects of these businesses with cross-functional partnerships. These day-to-day responsibilities included driving the efficiency of supply chains, evaluating the launches of new products, and analyzing the competition.

In 2008, Juan Carlos relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area and became Vice-President of Finance for Del Monte Foods. Juan Carlos acted as the division CFO for the $2B Consumer Products Division and simultaneously provided supply chain financial leadership in managing over $2.7B COGS for the entire company. Juan provided leadership for the financial departments of both of these divisions simultaneously, leading a financial team of 24 in initiatives for strategic financial transformation. Juan also partnered cross-functionally with both the Business Unit General Manager and Supply Chain leadership.

After leaving Del Monte Foods in April of 2013, Juan Carlos Bertini set his sights on general financial planning and analysis consultation for companies across a variety of industries. In this capacity he offered expert presentations and professional articles on sound financial strategies for businesses and their CFOs. Juan focused particularly on the consumer goods market, with his wealth of experience in the industry proving a welcome boon for the consumer goods companies that sought his guidance.

Other Skills and Hobbies

Somewhere in this long and busy financial career, Juan Carlos Bertini also found the time to indulge his many hobbies. He took up photography and fell in love with it, honing his skills in the art to expert levels. He focused particularly on portraits and shots of natural landscapes, many of which went on to be featured in public galleries.

In addition, Juan has managed to travel all over the world in the past 15 years. His interest in global travel has overlapped with his interest in photography, resulting in many beautiful photographs of his travels and the places and people that he experienced during them. These include sweeping, exotic landscapes and portraits of people from all across the globe.

Juan has never had trouble finding something to do at home either, though. He turned an enjoyment of nature hikes into a quest to explore the hiking opportunities found all over his home in California.

Juan has also been an avid skier since he was in high school and remains just as passionate about it today as he was then. He has skied in many different places throughout his life, but Juan Carlos Bertini’s favorite spot to hit the slopes is the Lake Tahoe region near the California and Nevada border.
Juan Carlos Bertini plans to continue his financial planning and analysis consultation work, helping businesses better achieve their financial goals to promote better business growth and more success for their employees and stockholders. He thoroughly enjoys his work in the financial industry assisting CFOs and formulating strategic plans for the businesses that come to him for help.

With the economy slowly getting back on the rise after the recession, there promises to be plenty for Juan to do. The turn of the New Year brought many businesses and corporations a sense of optimism that has only grown as 2013 carries on. More companies are starting up and hiring on, which means more financial goals that need planning outside of “try to keep afloat.”

Juan also plans to continue improving his skill as a photographer. He has racked up a good deal of experience in the field already and sees no reason not to continue doing so. His photography work continues to garner public attention, especially in online galleries. Juan plans to continue this trend, seeking more exposure for his artwork to share his creativity with the world.

In addition to all of this, Juan Carlos Bertini plans to continue skiing and hiking whenever he gets the chance. His residence in California near the Nevada border makes him optimally located for both pastimes. Come winter he would like to travel to the Lake Tahoe region for skiing season to hit the slopes again. Until then, Juan plans to take plenty of hikes around the San Francisco Bay area.

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  • Financial Strategies
  • Public Speaking
  • Financial Plans
  • Team Building
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Manufacturing Operation
  • Management Consulting
  • Business Plans
  • Activity Based Costing
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