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Prashant Modi

United States
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Prashant Modi is an international entrepreneur. His reach extends from Gurgaon, India, to London, England all the way to the United States. Prashant is a highly regarded leader in the energy industry and well known for his success in the ever changing energy field as well as with his company Great Eastern Energy Corp.

Currently, Prashant Modi serves as the president and chief operating officer of Great Eastern Energy Corporation Limited. As a pioneering organization, GEECL is highly respected in India for its innovative coal-bed methane gas exploration. As such, the company is poised to revolutionize the industry because of its strong leadership, exceptional talent, and dedication to remaining on the cutting edge of energy technology and strategies.
Daily Responsibilities
As the President and COO, Modi is responsible for the daily functions of Eastern Energy. As such, the responsibility of keeping the organization running smoothly rests upon his shoulders. He collaborates extensively with the heads of the various departments within the organization, ensuring that all of these divisions are focused on goals that are aligned with company objectives and values.
Long-Term Perspective
But Prashant does more than simply keep corporate activity in line with organizational strategies—he develops these strategies. His role is to advance GEECL's mission and objectives through the promotion of revenue generation, profitability, and growth. With efficiency, quality, service, and cost-effective management techniques, he is able to lead the efforts of Great Eastern Energy to remain at the forefront of the energy sector.
Continual Professional Development
One of the things that sets Prashant Modi apart from other professionals is that he is dedicated to continually improving not only the performance of his company but his own capabilities within his field. The most successful leaders understand that they need to adapt to changing environments, and Modi knows that this is particularly important in the energy sector.

Prashant Modi has built a strong presence in the energy industry as the President and COO of Great Eastern Energy Corporation Limited in Gurgaon, India. His success in this regard is due to many factors, including his innovative approach to the field, his education, and his former professional experience.

Education: Building the Foundation for Success

Prashant Modi has achieved several educational milestones, including earning collegiate degrees and certifications and attending a highly regarded high school in New Delhi. Ultimately, the experiences that he had during his educational endeavors have helped to shape him into a proactive, innovative leader.
When attending high school in New Delhi, India, Prashant was a student at St. Columbus School. During his time at this highly regarded institution, he concentrated on courses related to business, including accounting, economics, English, mathematics, and commerce. These classes fostered a love of business and inspired Modi to grow in an entrepreneurial manner. With passion for his work and dedication to continually pushing his industry forward, His current attitude toward his professional career is highly influenced by his early education.
After graduating from St. Columbus School in 1991, he moved to the United States to attend Boston University. Here he earned a bachelor of science in business administration. By pursuing a major in finance and a minor in economics, he further solidified his goals of becoming a strong business professional in the future.
Prashant Modi graduated from Boston University in 1995, but his bachelor’s degree was not the only accomplishment that he achieved in Boston. In fact, he completed two highly competitive executive education programs at Harvard Business School, one on strategic finance and one on launching new ventures. In his current role as President and chief operating officer of GEECL, Modi calls upon the skills and knowledge that he accumulated during these programs continually.
While he has already achieved a great deal in the academic field, Modi is still pursuing the educational endeavors that will allow him to thrive. He is currently working toward the completion of the world-renowned Owner President Management Program at Harvard Business School. This program is targeted at challenging professionals to improve their insight and skills while sharpening their entrepreneurial capabilities.
Ultimately, Prashant Modi has benefited greatly from the effort that he has put into his educational endeavors. Through his academic achievement, he has learned not only how to lead an organization but how to keep a company at the forefront of a competitive, quickly evolving industry, which is no small feat. He continues to strive to improve the company, the industry and the environment as a whole.

Previous Professional Experience

Before starting work at Great Eastern Energy in 1997, Prashant Modi was the head of business development at Rossell Industries Limited in New Delhi. He was, at the time, building GEECL while restructuring and assisting with the successful sale of Rossell Industries Limited, which was acquired by Unilever. In this capacity he excelled in identifying merger and acquisition opportunities, liaising with colleagues, business and financial planning, strategy development, management, reporting, and monitoring daily and overarching tasks and objectives.
While Prashant's recent work has been concentrated in India, he is such a successful business leader because of his international experience. In addition to a global education, he has worked across several different continents. Prior to taking on his position at Rossell, Modi was employed by ANZ Bank in London and Qualcomm Incorporated in San Diego. Furthermore, he is a member of several national and international business organizations, including:

• National Executive Committee, Environment Task Force Committee, Unconventional Hydrocarbon Resources Task Force Committee, and Young Leaders of the Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
• Commission on Environment and Energy and Task Force on Energy and International Chamber of Commerce, Paris, France
• Europe One Chapter and Young Presidents' Organization
Through all of his endeavors, Prashant has excelled because of his education, experience, and dedication to becoming a key player in the energy field.

The energy industry is one that is continually changing, as new ways to generate and use energy are being researched and developed around the world. Prashant Modi, the president and chief operating officer at Great Eastern Energy Corporation Limited (GEECL) in India is one of the leaders of the energy sector, as his organization is at the forefront of some exciting work.
Currently, GEECL is working on cutting-edge coal-bed methane gas exploration in India. This is a pioneering program, and it is one that GEECL is interested in continuing to push forward in order to improve energy production, conservation, and usage. Being the largest producers of this form of energy in India, Eastern Energy is dedicated to continually enhancing this particular aspect of the sector.
While the future of the energy industry in and of itself is never certain, Prashant is looking forward to some very specific achievements on behalf of himself and the leaders of the industry as a whole. The first is the integration of the idea of social responsibility into business models. He believes strongly in the concept that organizations should serve to support their communities, not detract from them. Through social responsibility initiatives this is certainly possible—and it is something that he hopes to promote in the years to come.
Another important idea that Modi believes will continue to grow is energy conservation. Sustainability is a goal that he asserts all business leaders should have, and being conscious of energy use is certainly a major aspect of this, world energy usage is only going to rise this is why he believes having a international presence in London and United States is crucial. Prashant Modi notes also, that a having a green approach is ever important, not just for environmental reasons but also for businesses.

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    : St. Columbus School
    : Accounting, Economics, English & Commerce
    : United States
    : New Dehli
  • N/A to N/A
    : Boston University
    : Business Administration
    : United States
    : Boston, Massachusetts
  • N/A to N/A
    : Harvard Business School
    : Owner President Management Program
    : United States
    : Boston, MA
Career History
  • N/A to 12/2099
    : President & CEO
    : not defined
    : United States
    : Gurgaon, India
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