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Anthony Schepsis M.D. is a widely recognized expert in the field of orthopedic surgery.
An active member of the medical field, Dr. Anthony Schepsis is a practicing surgeon, a professor at the Boston University School of Medicine, author of academic articles, and a lecturer on orthopedic surgery. Although he’s familiar with all forms of arthroscopic and open orthopedic surgery, he is considered the worldwide authority when it comes to pectoralis major ruptures and patellofemoral joint issues. He brings this expertise to the many professional organizations he is a part of, over a dozen in total. This organizations allow him to educate others on his own ever-expanding body of work, as well as stay on top of developing trends and techniques. Through these groups, he has been able to give a variety of presentations and chair the development of multiple medical courses.

He is also considered an authority on sports medicine and sports-related orthopedic injuries. In addition to being widely published on the subject, he appears in videos, audio tapes, and website publications on the subject, and has even published a textbook for students studying the field. It’s become one of the most widely used textbooks to help teach orthopedic surgical residents all around the world. As proof of his expertise in this area, the NFL uses him as a consultant. In his free time, Anthony Schepsis M.D. is a sportsman in his own right. He enjoys skiing, squash, mountain biking and boardsailing, was a swimming coach, and was a member of the Boston University varsity wrestling team from 1970-73.
After graduating from Boston University’s College of Liberal Arts in 1974 as a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Dr. Anthony Schepsis took his liberal arts degree and began a lifetime of medical excellence. During his time as an undergraduate, he was part of an accelerated six year program, allowing him to immediately move on to BU’s School of Medicine. This allowed him to graduate in 1976 with his Doctor of Medicine degree. His first internship was at the Boston Medical Center where he studied general surgery before discovering his love for orthopedic surgery. After his internship he pursued his residency in orthopedic surgery, also at the Boston Medical Center. After receiving his certification from the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, he was licensed to practice in orthopedics in Massachusetts.

For a doctor, however, the education process is never complete. Regardless of the medical field, new techniques are constantly being developed and cutting edge technologies routinely revolutionize treatment practices. For this reason, Dr. Schepsis has maintained a long list of academic appointments, through which he’s been able to pass on his own knowledge while learning from his students and others. From 1986 on, he was an Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, and starting in 2000, became a fully fledged Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at the Boston University School of Medicine. Also starting in 2000, he served simultaneously as the Director of Sports Medicine and the Director of Sports Medicine Fellowship Program for the Boston University Medical Center. He has also worked as an instructor for Sargent College of Physical Therapy, Boston University, Northeastern University’s Bouve School of Physical Therapy, and the Center for International Society of Arthroscopy, Knee Surgery, and Orthopaedic Sports Medicine.

In addition to his wide range of teaching appointments, he has also served on the staff of many Boston-area hospitals. Each one gave him a new chance to hone his techniques and skills while broadening his collection of professional affiliations. He’s served as an active staff surgeon for the Boston Medical Center’s Department of Orthopedic Surgery the longest, but has been a staff surgeon for other hospitals as well. These include the Braintree Rehabilitation Hospital, Beverly Hospital, where he is presently, and the New England Baptist Hospital. Finally since 1991, Dr. Anthony Schepsis has been working as the Chairman and Director of the Evaluation and Treatment of the Injured Athlete Annual National Sports Medicine Seminar.

This combination of teaching and practicing excellence has not gone unnoticed in the field. In fact, in addition to teaching and directing multiple organizations, Dr. Anthony Schepsis is also a major editor for a variety of medical journals. Working in conjunction with these publications, he helps select which papers and articles will be published with his expertise and experience with the subject matter. These boards are tasked with the responsibility of making sure that all published material is of the highest quality and will be of use to other doctors. The editorial boards that Dr. Schepsis sits on include American Journal of Sports Medicine, the Journal of Orthopedics and Physical Therapy, and the Forum Medicus: Symposiums in Sports Medicine, among others.

While he is comfortable with all facets of orthopedic surgery, he is considered the world’s top expert on two conditions in particular. These two conditions are patellofemoral joint disorders and ruptures of the pectoralis major. As an innovator and active scholar on these conditions, he has devised new treatments for them and published extensively on these two issues in particular. Patellofemoral joint disorders have long been a tricky problem for medicine in general and sports medicine in particular. In layman’s terms, it means little more than a pain behind the kneecap. It can come from a variety of internal and external factors, and the diagnosis and treatment of these disorders is a delicate process. With the help of Dr. Anthony Schepsis, they have become progressively less mystifying in recent years.

In addition to these two specializations, Anthony Schepsis M.D. is also considered to be an authority on sports medicine in general. He has been appointed as a consultant and physician for many organizations that have allowed him to focus his work on athletes in particular. These include working as the Head Physician for University of Massachusetts Boston Intercollegiate Athletic Program and the Boston University Intercollegiate Athletic Program. He has also been a consultant for the Northeastern University Intercollegiate Athletic Program, the World Wrestling Federation, and the U.S. Olympic Men’s and Women’s Hockey teams. Finally, he has also served as a consultant for the NFL, which is known to only select the finest doctors for their programs.

In addition to his wide array of print publications in major journals, Dr. Anthony Schepsis has had many of his educational efforts put into mixed mediums to reach a broader audience. He isn’t limited to manuscripts, articles, and editing. He has given important talks at major conferences, had his work transcribed to audio tape, and has some of his surgical work available in video archives. He has also published on medical websites, his talks have been edited into manuscript form, and he is even responsible for a textbook on sports medicine, cementing his name in the field. This textbook is among the most commonly used by students studying sports medicine all over the world.

With over thirty years of experience in every major post within the orthopedic surgery field, Dr. Schepsis has become the go-to authority when it comes to major orthopedic issues. While he specializes in sports medicine and has become a renowned expert in the sports community as well as the medical, he is a capable practitioner and teacher with unrivaled experience in all aspects of orthopedics. Maintaining positions on the editorial board of major publications, teaching at one of the finest institutions in Boston, and acting as the go-to consultant for athletic organizations, his excellence is unquestioned. When patients work with Doctor Anthony Schepsis, they know they are getting the best.
Having already established himself as the premier orthopedic surgeon in the Boston area, Anthony Schepsis M.D.. will continue to gain fame and respect in his field. Since finishing his education at Boston University and his residency at Boston General, he has become well known throughout many of the major Massachusetts hospitals for his professionalism and expertise. Serving as the Chairman and Director of many major institutions in addition to his teaching and editorial efforts, the demands for his experience and knowledge will only continue to grow. As he continues to practice, he will also maintain his dedication to passing on his knowledge through professional organizations and publication of his work. He has already pioneered the treatment of many major conditions, and hopes to continue discovering new methods of overcoming orthopedic complications.

Dr. Anthony Schepsis will also continue his long-running tradition of excellence in the field of sports medicine. While he is renowned throughout the orthopedic community as a whole, he is a recognized expert of sports medicine in particular. As a consultant with the World Wrestling Federation, the NFL, and two different U.S. Olympic teams, his contributions are unquestionable. This wide range of consulting experience will also attract even more work down the line as other athletic organizations seek out his contributions. He has already published one textbook on the subject of sports medicine, and moving forward will continue his educational pursuits in the field. Finally, in his free time he will continue pursuing his own passion for sports and the outdoors.

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