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Dr. Alirio Millan is a dentist and philantropist who operates a private practice, Smile 32 Dental Centers, in the Richmond, VA area.
Too many middle and lower-income families overlook their dental health, believing that visits to the dentist are too expensive. Often these families lack adequate dental and health insurance to cover even routine checkups, and as a result their oral hygiene suffers. As an active Christian and philanthropist, Dr. Alirio Millan is proud to help these families by offering low-cost, high-quality dental service. Their office specializes in effective treatments to various cosmetic and technical dental issues, treatments that are both efficient and low-cost for the patient. They are proud to accept FAMIS, TRICARE and Medicaid plans, making it as easy as possible for families to pay for their treatment. Additionally, is among the list of medical professionals who volunteer their services to CrossOver, a charity aimed at helping extremely impoverished families receive medical care.

In addition to his work with CrossOver, Dr. Alirio Millan is also known for his work with impoverished families in his church, often offering them free dental care. His high quality, low cost treatments include the use of bonding and extraction techniques, ones that ensure quality medical service without the high costs traditionally associated with them. The doctor understands that for many families, the choice is having groceries for the day or not going to the dentist. In order to ease these strains, he does everything he can to reduce costs and help the families. In his free time he is an avid traveler, and loves going on trips with children and grandchildren.
Born and raised in Columbia, Dr. Alirio Millan came to the United States when he was 21 years old. Serving in the army for four years from 1983 to 1987, he was honorably discharged after his service ended. Taking full advantage of the G.I. bill, he used his military benefits to put himself through the New York University dental school, graduating with his D.D.S. in 1999. He then passed through the few years of journeyman work that many dentists go through, getting valuable hands-on experience at a variety of different New York practices. These years taught him the ins and outs to dentistry, giving him valuable hands-on experience that would serve him a few years later when he opened his own practice after moving to Richmond, VA.

Founded in 2005, Dr. Alirio Millan and the team at Smile 32 Dental Centers have more than a half decade of providing patients with unrivaled dental service in the Richmond area. Reviews from patients and visitors often note Millan’s affable demeanor, and are quick to praise his ability to put patients at ease and make them feel relaxed. This kind of service comes from a combination of charisma and experience that’s often hard to find in a dentist. Too many people associate their checkups and procedures with a painful, drab experience, and the Doctor and his team do their best to turn this perception around. By making patients feel at ease and part of the treatment process, over the years the Doctor has helped many patients come to look forward to their dentist visits.

In addition to offering only the best service, the team at Smile 32 Dental Centers is dedicated to making sure people of all income levels have access to quality dental care. Dr. Alirio Millan made a point to make sure his practice could accept multiple state-subsidized dental and medical plans, including FAMIS, TRICARE, and Medicaid. This makes it easier for lower-income families to get dental treatment without it putting undue strain on their finances. In addition to accepting multiple forms of payment from various plans, the team at Smile 32 Dental Centers is made of experts when it comes to the most cost-effective treatment strategies. With many common dental complications, the best treatment is rarely the most expensive one. What’s more, many dentists lean on convention and common routine, overlooking easier and less expensive treatment options in order to pad their paycheck.

Dr. Alirio Millan is proud to say that he’s never succumbed to these habits through his illustrious career. In fact, he does just the opposite -- much of his work is devoted to reducing the costs for his patients. With procedures like wisdom tooth removals, the Doctor is quick to educate patients about the realities and occasionally inessential nature to the notoriously overdone procedure. Wisdom teeth traditionally erupt later in life than the rest of the teeth, and many people who have room in their mouths to fit them have them removed even though there’s no medical reason to do so. So long as someone takes good enough care of their molars, there’s no need to take them out. On the other hand, once the teeth begin serious decay, the wisdom teeth can accelerate overcrowding and need to be removed. The doctor works with patients to determine in what cases they need to come out and in what cases they don’t, ultimately saving the patient time and money.

Another technique for which his office has become well known over the years is bonding. Considered one of the most affordable and safest ways to correct cosmetic flaws, it’s the use of a moldable resin that can fill in holes, cracks and gaps, fixing a variety of problems. While some of the uses for bonded help solve painful exposures of nerve endings, they’re more commonly used to re-empower people with their brilliant smiles. In many cases it only takes one visit to the dentist, and the materials themselves are highly inexpensive. The team at Smile 32 Dental Centers has perfected their use over the years, and Dr. Alirio Millan considers them a superior alternative to crowns and veneers.

In addition to giving patients multiple payment options and focusing his treatment on cost-effective plans, Dr. Alirio Millan is also a proud, longtime member of the CrossOver program in the Richmond area. CrossOver helps to give especially impoverished minorities access to dental and health treatment through the generosity of medical professionals. For many of these people, the decision to receive medical treatments means that they won’t be able to eat for a day. By giving them access to free care, they help them stay healthy without the financial stress that comes with being uninsured. Serving over 6,300 patients a year, it’s a charity that receives no direct federal funding and instead relies on the charity of doctors like Millan to continue operations. As an active member of his Church, he is also well known for providing free dental care to poorer members of his congregation.

In his personal life he is a dedicated father, grandfather, and husband. His favorite hobby is traveling, and he considers himself fortunate to have been able to travel to all over Europe and Latin America. He appreciates every destination for its unique culture and local flavor, but is partial to Toledo, Spain. As a religious man and a supporter of peace, he thinks of Toledo as a sort of utopia because Muslims, Jews, and Christians live together in harmony within one city.

With over a decade of experience helping patients find low-cost solutions to their dental problems, the doctor has developed a loyal following in Richmond who wouldn’t trust anyone else. As an ethical and responsible professional, he goes out of his way to make sure that quality dental care is available to everyone and a reasonable price that they can afford. When patients work with Dr. Alirio Millan, they know that they’re in the hands of a dentist they can trust.
Dr. Alirio Millan has cultivated a large following in the Richmond, VA, area for his rare dedication to professional integrity and personal giving. An unusually philanthropically inclined individual, his patients have come to trust that he always works in the best interests of their personal health and financial wellbeing. Combined with his experience, professional care and service, and he has quickly established himself as the premier dentist in the area. As word about his dedication to patients spreads, demand for his services will undoubtedly grow. In particular, patients will come to him in greater and greater numbers for consultations concerning wisdom teeth removal and for bonding procedures. He and his team at Smile 32 Dental Centers are considered foremost experts on these particular procedures, a reputation which is sure to expand their business.

In addition to fostering a practice that grows at a healthy rate, Dr. Alirio Millan will remain dedicated to providing low-cost care to lower income families. Providing free treatment both through the local CrossOver program and his local church, the doctor has spent a good portion of his professional life using his experience to help others. It’s a cause that he passionately believes in, and hopes to expand his volunteer work down the line. In his personal life, he looks forward to spending more time with his family, including his children and his grandchildren. As an avid traveler, he also looks forward to enjoying new experiences and cultures abroad.

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