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Intellectual property attorney Brandon Dorsky has many clients in the entertainment and apparel industries. Clients past and present include 12th Planet, 420 Science, Futurecop!, Grassroots California, Daedelus, Nit Grit, Foster The People, Paul Fox, Roor, Grenco Science, Tokimonsta and Two Fresh.
Brandon Dorsky is an intellectual property attorney who also assists his clients with branding and other issues related to the entertainment industry. He has a passion for music and film; and he very much enjoys playing such an important role in ensuring the future profitability of talented individuals. Through his experience of assisting with the legal aspects of motion pictures and music, Brandon has realized the need for his work. Every year, countless artists and content creators are victims of one-sided contracts that favor content aggregators and distributors and corrupt entertainment executives promising a false reality. These creative individuals need someone to fight on their side in order to maintain balance in the business world.

The importance of branding in the entertainment industry

Movie and music fans are not only drawn in by an artist’s work; they are also subconsciously attracted to them because of their branding. A creative individual’s brand says as much about them as their creations do. It communicates to their audience the values and principles for which they stand. For this reason, artists must invest in their own branding in order to build a successful career in the entertainment industry.

Promoting up-and-coming musicians

Brandon Dorsky is also interested in giving new artists a platform from which they can launch their careers. Through his years of experience in the entertainment industry, he has learned that it is very important for musicians to maintain a visible online presence. To help with this, he launched an innovative website: and is planning an additional website, informs underground music fans of the latest tours and live performances and album releases, with a special focus on artists emerging from the Los Angeles market.
Brandon Dorsky has practiced intellectual property law since 2008. He currently operates his own law firm and represents many clients in the entertainment industry such as Tokimonsta, Two Fresh and Mundy Sound. . Brandon takes his job incredibly seriously; and he is very proud of his ability to help his clients have long-lasting careers in the creative arts. His responsibilities include negotiating contracts for his clients and assisting them with issues involving copyrights.


Brandon Dorsky has remained interested in the music industry throughout his life. Ever since he can remember, he has found great joy in listening to the latest music or discovering brand new artists. In order to have the opportunity to get his feet wet in the entertainment business, he took a job as an event manager and talent buyer at Ann Arbor, Michigan’s The Blind Pig. While working at this amazing venue, he had the chance to meet many recording artists and to network with other professionals in the music industry. Amongst his biggest successes were booking multiple sold-out Atmosphere performances, a legendary New Deal concert, booking early Killers and Yeah Yeah Yeahs performances and securing a highly anticipated Handsome Boy Modeling School show. After spending only a short time at The Blind Pig, he knew that he had chosen the right career field.

Working for the US District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan

Dorsky once worked as an intern for the Honorable Judge Denise Page Hood at the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan. While there, he developed a deep respect for the law. Judge Denise Page Hood also helped Brandon to realize the important role that the United States court system plays in defending the rights of ordinary citizens. He has never forgotten that lesson and has incorporated the wisdom of the honorable judge into his daily life.

Mosaic Media Group

After his internship at the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan, Mr. Dorsky worked for Hollywood, California’s Mosaic Media Group. During his internship at Mosaic Media, he assisted with a variety of matters relating to motion picture agreements and the audit rights of films. He also prepared memoranda and facilitated correspondence between profit participants, attorneys, and auditors.

Brandon Dorsky and International Creative Management

Between the months of May and August of 2006, Mr. Dorsky completed his third legal internship program at International Creative Management in Beverly Hills, California. While there, he primarily analyzed contract offers and researched motion picture industry tax schemes. Brandon also drafted and edited artists’ contracts and other important legal documents.

Law Offices of William I. Hochberg

Mr. Dorsky went to work as a clerk for the Law Offices of William I. Hochberg after he completed his internship with International Creative Media. At Hochberg’s firm, he was primarily responsible for drafting copyright licenses, music publishing contracts, and management agreements. In addition, Mr. Dorsky worked on a high-profile case involving trademark infringement. He very much enjoyed having the opportunity to defend a noble recording artist against an international media corporation.

Donaldson and Hart

In 2008, Brandon Dorsky completed his final internship at Davidson and Hart. This allowed him the chance to learn the intricacies of fair use law while helping with the editing of a book entitled Clearance and Copyright. He also worked on the arbitration of disputes involving unfair competition claims and intellectual property infringements.

Assisting disadvantaged musicians

Brandon Dorsky does not only think of his career as an intellectual property lawyer as a job; he also thinks of it as a public service. As an avid music fan and content consumer, he is committed to helping disadvantaged musicians and content creators to begin their careers. Mr. Dorsky has always felt that all talented individuals deserve the right to present their craft to the world, regardless of their unfortunate circumstances. He believes very strongly that music and visual content inspires great thought and that it is often an important catalyst for social change.

Electronic music

Even though Brandon Dorsky has a deep respect for all types of music, he particularly enjoys electronic music. He is endlessly captivated with its driving rhythms, lively spirit and endless boundaries. Whenever he listens to electronic music he feels almost transported to another realm of consciousness. He feels freed; and his troubles seem to instantly disappear.

The passionate chef

Mr. Dorsky is truly a man with a variety of hidden talents; however it is no secret that he is an outstanding chef. He thinks of cooking as a delicate art; and he enjoys expressing himself on an edible canvas. Mr. Dorsky also loves to try new dishes whenever he can. He knows that he is in for an excellent evening whenever he has the opportunity to sample the handiwork of a master chef for the first time.

Last Cup

Although Mr. Dorsky is accustomed to handling the legal concerns of artists and film makers, he had a rare opportunity to take part in the actual creation of a project in 2008. He worked in Los Angeles, California as a co-executive producer for a fascinating documentary film called Last Cup, which chronicled the World Series of Beer Pong. Even though Brandon never imagined when he was a young man putting himself through law school that he would one day become so involved in the unusual sport of beer pong, he was incredibly grateful for the opportunity to create. Working on Last Cup also gave him a keen insight into the lives and the responsibilities of film makers.

Brandon Dorsky on the need for intellectual property attorneys

All musicians and film makers need the protection of intellectual property attorneys. Media corporations have teams of lawyers to fight legal battles on their behalf; therefore, individuals should make sure to have the same kind of security. An intellectual property attorney can help creative individuals protect their works of authorship in a variety of ways, including protect the integrity of their own copyrighted material and to also avoid copyright infringement lawsuits. Brandon Dorsky takes his work very seriously; and he is thoroughly committed to helping deserving artists and talent receive the compensation that they deserve for their craft.
Brandon Dorsky has maintained a successful law practice of his own since 2009; and he plans to continue doing so. Although he has already furthered many artists’ and other talent’s careers by helping them with their legal issues, he hopes to assist many others in the future. Mr. Dorsky has a passion for music and entertainment and is willing to do anything to ensure that it always remains an important part of popular culture.

The recovery of the music industry

At the turn of the millennia, some of this country’s largest multi-media corporations with recorded music divisions suffered crippling losses due to the advent of online music sharing software and peer to peer networks. Although the music industry struggled for more than a decade afterwards, revenue from recorded music sales have slowly begun to rebound. The United States vinyl market has experienced several years of growth in sales, streaming platforms such as Spotify and Pandora have become increasingly popular, and the success of music purchasing websites and portals like iTunes is undeniable. Even though record companies may expect to see profits continue to increase in the next few years, the music industry is still not out of the red.

Future plans

Mr. Dorsky is prepared to represent as many clients as he can in the future. He is refreshed and energized to see the music industry recovering from its previous losses in sales; and he expects to take on more clients and cases as a result. Brandon also plans to increase his efforts to help new artists to break into the music scene. Brandon Dorsky takes great pride in helping new talent to rise to stardom; and he is always thrilled to have the opportunity to discover the next best thing in music.

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