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Coulla Pieri currently serves the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board, where she strives to assist the organization in ensuring the integrity of the audits conducted at public companies.
Coulla Pieri works for the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB), where she leverages a strong background in auditing, finance, and accounting to assist the organization in meeting its goals with regard to the audits of public companies. Ultimately, the Board was designed by Congress to ensure the interests of investors and encourage the public to become interested in the development of accurate, reliable audit reports. Furthermore, the PCAOB spearheads the audits of broker-dealers in an effort to protect investors.
The PCAOB is a non-profit organization that was created with the passing of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002. This piece of legislation required auditors working for public businesses in the United States to adhere to regulations both externally and internally, which was groundbreaking in an industry that, previously, had relied upon self-regulation to operate.
When not working, Coulla Pieri enjoys shopping, traveling, watching television and movies, and working out. Through both her professional endeavors and her hobbies, Pieri strives to live a well-balanced life that allows her to both focus on her career and enjoy the activities that make her happy. Pieri is particularly fond of jean shopping and loves the skinny jean trend. Additionally, she is a fan of nearly every movie genre (except horror) and is an avid traveler, as she visits family in Cyprus quite often. Furthermore, her dedication to living a healthy lifestyle and engaging in physical fitness activities has enabled Pieri to create a higher degree of overall wellbeing and, ultimately, improve the quality of life that she enjoys.
Born in Zimbabwe, Coulla Pieri and her family moved to South Africa when she was just three years old. For the next 11 years they enjoyed the unique culture and natural beauty of this part of the world and, when she was 14, moved to Hollywood, Florida. Pieri already had family in the United States, so while this transition was a major change for her she had the support of her loved ones to help her adjust to her new life in America.
In Florida, Pieri studied at Chamnade Madonna College Preparatory School before attending college at the University of Florida. At UF, Coulla Pieri studied finance, which led her to a career that she loves today. After graduating from UF in 2003, Pieri started a master's degree program that was managed by the University of Virginia and Ernst & Young. Called Your Master Plan, the program was approximately fourteen months long. Classes were held during the summers at the start and at the end of the program, during which time Pieri studied accounting. During the months between the two summer sessions she worked at Ernst & Young. After her graduation from the program in 2004, Pieri worked for Ernst & Young for an additional eight years.
Ernst & Young: Starting a Promising Career
During her career at Ernst and Young, Coulla Pieri supervised and assisted with financial statement audits of public and private companies across a variety of industries. She is no stranger to large companies, complex business models and an array of industries. She also participated in quarterly SAS 100 review proceedings and performed post-report review procedures in conjunction with Securities and Exchange Commission filings. She was an assurance senior manager when she left Ernst & Young in 2012.
Because Ernst & Young is such an important part of the accounting industry, it is wonderful that Pieri was able to start her career with this organization. Through her educational and professional experiences with the firm, Pieri learned the ins and outs of the business and developed the ability to apply her knowledge in real world situations—which is essential for successful financial professionals.
Travel: Seeing the World
Coulla Pieri is an avid traveler who visits many different cities throughout the United States for her work with the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board. But aside from her professional travels, Pieri loves both domestic and international vacations. Most of her family comes from Cyprus, and Pieri still has many family members living there. For this reason, she visits quite frequently in order to see her family and explore the land of her ancestors. She also loves to visit Greece – especially Athens and the Greek islands. Pieri has ventured out to discover the islands of Paros, Mykonos, and beautiful Santorini (her favorite island).
Aside from her family-based travels, Pieri has also visited London, Paris, Prague, Germany, Costa Rica, Bruges, South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Italy. International travel is exciting, particularly for someone who has lived across several continents. Pieri loves learning more about the cultures that populate the world and she is interested in continuing to engage in international travel in order to keep building her understanding of and place within the global community.
In terms of domestic travel, Pieri loves visiting Las Vegas, New York, and California. These are all exciting places that have a great deal to offer their visitors, as they have diverse attractions, culinary experiences, and other features that even the most dedicated of globetrotters will enjoy and love.
Physical Fitness: Staying Active
Coulla Pieri is a strong proponent of a healthy lifestyle. In fact, last year she started working out at Orange Theory Fitness, which is a group training program that combines both cardio and weight training to create a workout routine that benefits virtually all of its participants. This program embraces three different phases in each workout: treadmill training, indoor rowing, and weight training. All of these physical activities blast through calories and encourage a higher degree of physical fitness—as well as weight loss and the building of strong muscles.
Hobbies: Enjoying the Arts
When it comes to activities that Pieri enjoys on a daily basis, she loves watching television and movies. While she is not at all interested in the horror genre and its offerings, Pieri loves virtually every other category and is particularly drawn to comedy. In terms of movies, some of her favorites include Crazy Stupid Love, My Best Friend's Wedding, Ted, Wedding Crashers, 21 Jumpstreet, Old School, and Pitch Perfect. With regard to television shows, Pieri enjoys Dancing with the Stars, The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Scandal, Private Practice, Nashville, Once Upon a Time, Modern Family, Happy Endings, and Mistresses. True Blood, Friends, E.R., and The Good Wife are also among her favorites.
Pieri is an individual who certainly values the well-rounded lifestyle that she has created, as it allows her to experience a wide range of things, from the excitement of a busy office to the tranquility of a Greek beach to the fun of a favorite comedic movie. Coulla Pieri is grateful for all that she has and looks forward to continuing to work to build a life that she loves.
Coulla Pieri is a well-rounded individual who loves her work and her hobbies. As such, in the future, she anticipates continuing to build her career while engaging in the travels that make her happy. Additionally, she looks forward to many years of shopping, movie going, and working out that will allow her to live a well-balanced lifestyle.
With regard to her professional life, Pieri plans on continuing to conduct her work with dexterity and skill. She is continually looking for ways to develop her professional capabilities and she is certain that she will keep accumulating the experience necessary to become an increasingly important asset to her employer. Furthermore, Pieri enjoys building lasting relationships with her clients and colleagues and will continue to be a positive part of her company's workforce.
In terms of her hobbies, Pieri will continue to travel to Cyprus to see her family. Additionally, she is hoping to see new parts of the Greek islands that she has yet to visit and to take the time to explore new countries and cities around the world. By doing so, she knows that she will develop a better rounded perspective and truly appreciate all that she has in her life as well as the diverse people who make up the world's population.
Finally, Pieri anticipates continuing to live a healthy, active lifestyle. Her physical and emotional wellbeing are both heightened by her commitment to working out and eating right, so Coulla Pieri is dedicated to upholding these responsibilities.

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