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Samuel Lehrer, a sales professional and business owner, has cultivated entrepreneurial insight through experience and education.
A leader and entrepreneur, Samuel Lehrer continues to learn by experience, gaining extensive knowledge in various fields. He has accumulated revenue as a valuable member of various companies. He has also established professional financial success by leading and managing his own ventures. A polyglot as well as a successful businessman, he speaks English, Spanish, Hebrew and Portuguese. He has earned recognition as a philanthropist, entrepreneur, businessperson, well-rounded professional and salesman with all he has achieved over the course of his career.

Samuel Lehrer is the founder of The Laser Outlet. The company's experienced professional team focuses their efforts on expertly repairing and re-selling previously-owned laser and machine equipment. This equipment undergoes a selective process by which valuable pre-owned parts and equipment are added to the inventory. The Laser Outlet only accepts items of the best quality. Prior to selling, the company provides photos, videos and documentation to assure customers that the equipment they purchase is of the utmost quality.

The development of an effective sales strategy has been one of the keys to Sam’s success. Sam exhibits an ability to continuously expand and improve as a businessperson. He builds on his experience working as a company employee at an entry-level position as well as his achievements as a CEO. He dedicates himself to overcoming challenges, efficiently managing his company and making continual improvements to both his sales strategy and his professional skill set.
Samuel Lehrer began his professional career with higher education, learning to synthesize information, foster strong communicative partnerships and manage his time efficiently. He experienced extensive success with multiple sales positions, earning acclaim and professional recognition for his ability to boost revenue and enhance business tactics. Sam launched The Laser Outlet based on his extensive experience with sales as well as his understanding of the medical industry.

Sam Lehrer graduated from the Dale Carnegie Institute in 1989. He went on to earn a degree in the sunshine state, graduating from the University of Florida in 1993. While on the path to earning his degree, he learned professional skills that would enhance his future approach to business. As he studied for his degree, he gained insights related to time management, organization, communication, interpersonal relations and goal development. Samuel identified critical thinking and problem solving as two of the most important attributes of a successful young professional. He found that these traits instrumental to the development of a sharp mind and the successful management of professional obstacles.

Once he had earned his undergraduate degree, he accepted a job at PSS World Medical, Inc. in the field of medical sales. PSS World Medical, Inc. was founded in 1983. The firm distributed medical supplies and equipment to healthcare providers that were not directly reliant on a hospital. The company has been recognized twice by Forbes on their 400 Best Big Companies list.

At PSS, Samuel Lehrer's exceptional performance earned him the Dynamic Dozen Award. He was given this designation on four separate occasions between 1994 and 1995. He went on to become the representative of the quarter for his branch, earning the Top Performer Award in July of 1995. As the recipient of the Top Performer Award, Sam was recognized for securing a sales rate of 186 percent, nearly twice his projected levels.

After his time at PSS, Lehrer began working for Allscripts, a partner business that offered solutions and services to healthcare organizations to assure the best care for patients. At Allscripts, he worked in regional sales. In 1996, he was given the firm’s esteemed President Award. Exhibiting ambition and competence, Samuel was appointed Regional Sales Manager only a year later.

Throughout his career, Sam has considered the improvement of skills through learning and experience to be of the utmost importance. Using these ideals, he continued to build his resume and his professional reputation.

Samuel Lehrer accepted a position in sales at Atrium. Atrium is a progressive business enterprise which prides itself on collaboration and high-quality output based on employee contributions. Part of the medical environment since 1981, the firm improved the efforts to provide the medical community with top-quality equipment and services. The company mission statement expresses the central aim of team members: to provide products of the highest effectiveness and the greatest functionality at appropriate and competitive price levels.

Lehrer became a sales representative for the company's operating room tools division. At Atrium, he explored and learned about the policies and procedures of the OR, and even extended his knowledge to the complicated cardiovascular system. At Atrium, experiential learning proved its benefit. Sam received considerable insight through his experiences with OR procedures as well as his performance in a new business and sales environment.

With the development of new insights in both sales and the medical field, he progressed to a position in the ophthalmic industry.

Lehrer accepted a position at Marco Ophthalmic, earning Rookie of the Year shortly after in 1999. Sam took a position at Talia Ophthalmic as the Director of Sales. Within two years, he had significantly altered revenue for the organization. Starting with zero revenue, Samuel Lehrer assisted Talia Ophthalmic in raising their funds revenue to a figure just under $10 million. Talia Ophthalmic went on to become part of his previous workspace, Marco Ophthalmic.

Sam accepted a position as the CEO of iQuip. He went on to work with Aesthetic Partners and the Cosmetic Laser Rental Company. Based on his business acumen and his experience with the medical field, he launched his own entrepreneurial initiative in the laser industry: The Laser Outlet.
Samuel Lehrer had high ambition when it came to his career. But his personal success was not the only aspect of his life that he viewed as vital.

Lehrer has invested a great deal of time and effort in working with charities and philanthropic events. His greatest contributions have included support for the Little Yellow School House and fundraising initiatives for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

The Little Yellow School House is an organization that aims to assist young students in meeting their academic and personal potential, particularly individuals who may be struggling with a traumatic background or emotional difficulties at home. The Little Yellow School House encourages these children to play, stay safe and work through emotional obstacles. Samuel Lehrer recognized the potential for the organization’s therapeutic services to heal parents and family members as well as struggling youngsters.

The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation aims to raise money and awareness on behalf of those who suffer from this life-threatening condition. Donors have an opportunity to sponsor the Foundation in its efforts to find a cure for cystic fibrosis and significantly improve the lives of sufferers.

Sam has recognized the importance of sharing the products of his hard-earned professional success. He has found charitable work extremely fulfilling and personally worthwhile as well as vital for improving the lives of citizens worldwide.

Along with philanthropic endeavors, he has expressed his willingness to share the secrets of his success with aspiring professionals. Samuel Lehrer has been pleased to have the opportunity to pass on the knowledge and mechanics of his success to other entrepreneurs. He has recognized the importance of building professional networks and contributing to meaningful communication initiatives between industry professionals.

Sam has shared sales insights and strategies with aspiring professionals who are struggling to develop efficient and successful methods. He has been willing to assist entrepreneurs with the challenges and advantages of conceiving, establishing and operating a successful business.
Outside of professional and philanthropic pursuits, Samuel Lehrer relies on a variety of hobbies to bring him satisfaction and relaxation. He enjoys boating, piloting and playing polo and tennis.
As a hard-working professional and entrepreneur, Sam Lehrer's work with philanthropic organizations and charities keeps him grounded and balanced. His dedication to giving back to the community and helping those in need remains strong, as he believes in the importance of using success to fuel charitable efforts that benefit the community at large. He will continue to use his professional career to expand and enrich his philanthropic works.

In addition to lending his services to philanthropy, Sam will build upon his professional career and his successes in entrepreneurship. As he continues to maintain the quality and customer service standards of The Laser Outlet, he will provide equipment to the individuals and companies that will professionally and medically benefit from those products.

Samuel Lehrer looks forward to observing and assisting the next generation of entrepreneurs as they strive to achieve financial success, independent ambition and the development of products and services that will enrich the community around them.

Herecognizes that his future ventures will call for patience, diligence, professional knowledge and tenacity. He will call on both his education and his professional industry experience to guide his efforts. With The Laser Outlet, Sam will continue to ensure that clients receive high-quality equipment and superior customer service from experienced team members.

Samuel is never too busy to lend a hand to a neighbor or a struggling business. While maintaining excellence in the tasks assigned to him as the owner of multiple ventures, he will continue to make time to contribute to the business world through collaboration and mentoring. Samuel Lehrer will remain a positive and persistent professional force.

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09/04/2019 @ 02:46 pm

Samuel Lehrer is very professional and gets thing done in a timely manner

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09/05/2019 @ 07:19 pm

Samuel Lehrer has been great to work with. Would highly recommend.

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